Why USA vs Iran World Cup match is about more than just soccer: Peeling back the many layers of a massive game


When Cobi Jones took the field with 10 other members of the United States men’s national team on that June day in 1998, it was one of a record-breaking 164 times he represented his country in a soccer game, but it was entirely different than all the rest. It was a more consequential game than most, because it came in a World Cup, and such opportunities are rare. There was more to this one, though. It was a meeting between the United States and Iran. Sometimes when there is athletic competition between nations, the nations can sort of get in the way, no matter how hard the athletes might try to focus on sport. "You think first and foremost about the soccer — the match that was at hand," Jones told The Sporting News from Qatar, where he is working as a game analyst for Fox Sports’ telecasts of the World Cup. "Obviously, there was underlying tension during that time between the United States and Iran, and we knew there was a whole lot involved with it. "But when you boil it down, it was just what was going to be happening on the field." In this blog post, we'll tell you everything you need to know about How to watch 2022 Mosconi Cup live