Good Mornin and God bless

The Bama game was entertaining. And cold. The crowd was great. We finally have a coach with staying power. Pay him. Pay his assistants. Pay everyone. Can we stand shoulder to shoulder with Bama and LSU? With him we just might. Every great team had some luck along the way. 09 LSU had a classic game against Bama. My point is when you play at that level the games will come down to a few key plays. And Kiffin has us more in the mix than ever.

Not to be a downer but soccer went from top ten to not even making the NCAAT. What the hell.

Volleyball coach got fired. Well shit.

Astros won the WS. Yay?

Thankfully the NFL salvaged a woeful weekend of sports.

Hey I hope you and your family are blessed this holiday season. I’ve substantially changed my perspective on how much effort our family puts toward toxic folks. Me and my crew are going to spend time with people that add more joy than they take away. More often than not that means time with friends and church, and not family.

Hotty Toddy friends.

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