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Texas A&M blog Good Bull Hunting sits down for a Q&A

College Station may not have its full home field advantage on Saturday

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 22 Texas A&M at South Carolina Photo by Charles Brock/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good Bull Hunting is one of the best college sports blogs you can find in the SBNation stratosphere, but this week I wish them nothing but all the bad things in life.

Robert Behrens with GBH took a few minutes to answer some of the pressing questions about the No. 15 Ole Miss Rebels upcoming game with the Texas A&M Aggies on Saturday.

1.) Certainly no one expected to see Texas A&M where it’s at right now. What would be the biggest change you’d like to see down the stretch for the Aggies?

Honestly the biggest “fixable” thing for A&M is just mental mistakes. Pointless penalties, needless turnovers, etc. It’s cost A&M several games (and as bad as 3-4 feels, three of those losses have been agonizingly close). There are other things like a terrible offensive line and a generally bad offensive philosophy at play, but those won’t get fixed this season.

2.) Does it seem like the fanbase and team is getting behind one quarterback or the other?

I feel like the majority of fans would like to see the Aggies stick with five-star true freshman Conner Weigman. Not necessarily because he’s a better option, but because he is the future. This season is lost, so get him game reps now so that he is more prepared in 2023. I think that commitment to “the future” could also be a selling point in keeping some of those young players out of the portal.

3.) I think the Aggies struggles on offense are pretty well documented. Who should Ole Miss be looking out for on defense that will make a difference in the game?

A&M has a very strong secondary, I’d argue one of the best in the country. They can all make plays, but S Demani Richardson and Nickel Corner Antonio Johnson stand out. Freshman S Bryce Anderson also seems to make a play every time he’s on the field. The bad news for A&M fans is this team is not as good against the run as they’ve been in previous seasons. Some of that has improved as they’ve gotten healthier, but I’d still say it’s a concern against a team that runs the ball as well as Ole Miss.

4.) Will there be a sell out crowd ready to scream its lungs out for a 3-4 TAMU team?

A big crowd? Yes. 90,000+ for sure. Though I don’t think it will be a sellout.

5.) Prediction(s)?

The line started off lower than I expected and has kept moving in A&M’s favor (currently at Ole Miss -1.5). Honestly I don’t understand it. I know some of the shine has come off the Rebels after last week, but I have very little faith in this A&M team, and I wonder how that locker room is doing as this disappointing season has unfolded. If I were forced to choose, I’d say Rebels by 10.