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Here’s our profile segment suggestions for ‘The Season’

We’ve got some content ideas for America’s hottest show about Ole Miss football.

Auburn v Ole Miss Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

While the talented people who create and produce The Season certainly don’t need our help in developing content, that’s not going to stop us from offering everyone’s favorite kind of advice - unsolicited advice!

If you watch the weekly episodes, you know that they’re mainly structured like this:

  • Recap of the last episode
  • Player profile(s)
  • Player mic’d up segment at practice
  • Recap of Saturday’s game with behind-the-scenes footage and audio

The intent of the profiles is to help Ole Miss fans learn a little more about players, whether it’s a player talking about their backstory and how they got to Oxford, showcasing one of their interests outside of football, or giving the viewer a “day in the life” experience.

Through the first seven episodes of the 2022 season, we’ve learned about:

  • AJ Finley’s introduction to broccolini
  • Miles Battle putting BBQ sauce on steak*
  • Deantre Prince’s return to Ole Miss
  • Equipment managers’ elite packing skills
  • Dayton Wade’s sewing abilities
  • Mason Brooks’ passion for all things Legos
  • John Porchivina’s journey to Oxford

*Rumors are swirling that The Hague is investigating him for war crimes over this, but sources are unable to confirm.

Again, all fine segments that show us these players are human beings and not droids unaffected by the world around them, but we want more of these in the form of recurring segments. That’s why we’re offering a few suggestions to explore the space of what the people want.

AJ Finley’s Vegetable Review

Piggybacking off his experience with broccolini, it’s an entire segments of him tasting vegetables and offering his critique.

“Beets. I mean, why?”

“Brussels sprouts? Belgium was a mistake.”

“Artichoke? More like artiNOPE.”

“This squash was an adventure. And by adventure, I mean a journey into hell.”

Dart’s Darts

Jaxson Dart showcases all of the darts fans have sent him.

“This one is from Wisconsin. As you can see, got some major cheese vibes going here.”

“Here’s a puka shell dart. No idea how they even made this. Probably not a regulation dart, but it’s still pretty chill.”

“This is a dart I got when I was at USC. Probably a really good dart like 20 years ago.”

Midwestern Cuisine with Nick Broeker

The Springfield, Illinois native walks us through the finest dishes that area of the country has to offer.

“So this is basically two hot dogs buried under shredded cheese. You can’t see them, but they’re there.”

“This is a side of shredded cheese.”

“This is an entrée of shredded cheese.”

“This looks like a pile of shredded cheese, but it’s actually a base of shredded cheese with hot dogs in the middle and more cheese on top of them.”

“This looks like just another plate of cheese, but this is hot dog-flavored cheese.”

Wiki Talk with Zach Evans

Evans uses the random article feature to discuss random Wikipedia pages.

Pad, West Virginia? Like the Tad Pad? I mean, kinda. Just like the Tad Pad, it doesn’t really exist anymore.”

“Oh, V for Vendetta. I remember people talking about that movie. This looks like it’s for the book though. Oh yeah, those masks of that guy’s face. I’m sure people know what they’re doing when they put those masks on.”

1962 Ryukyu Islands legislative election. Ryukyu? Wasn’t that a character in the Mortal Kombat games? Like a finishing move where he ripped someone’s head off and scissor-kicked it into the sun? Crazy stuff, man.”

The Lonesome Pine Fiddlers. A bluegrass band for 28 years? Wow, that’s crazy. 28 years of playing songs like that banjo song from Deliverance.”

JJ Pegues: Searching for Lafayette County

Pegues travels across Lafayette Country to reveal his favorite secrets and delights of the county.

“We’re standing here on North Lamar Boulevard at the site of the original Coop De Ville, just up the street from Handy Andy. It’s now some sort of office building or some bullshit. Man, this sucks.”

“Behind me is one of the great buffets in Oxford. When you come to China Royal, you’re guaranteed a meal that will make you question if you’ll ever be able to eat again, which will be followed by a two-hour nap that will leave you wondering where you are and what year it is when you wake up. Let’s go inside.”