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Four big predictions for Ole Miss vs. LSU

Flagship Friday

Mississippi v LSU Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

You, yes you, might be the exceptional fan with unwavering confidence when it comes to Ole Miss and LSU.


And I’m talking sober as a judge confidence, not the Miller Lite laden false bravado fans summon when necessary or encouraged.

I, for one, do not have that at all this season despite a historic 7-0 start for the Ole Miss Rebels, and honestly, it’s warranted given the stretches of anemic offense at times and a sudden concern over the defense after giving up 30+ points to a mediocre Auburn team.

So I’m just setting the stage for four predictions for what Ole Miss fans will witness tomorrow at Tiger Stadium.

  • Ole Miss rushes for less than 200 yards: Yes, I know. I think there has been much made about the Rebels ability to run the ball, and while I enjoy the service academy vibes of this offense, the coaches are going to zag when everyone expects them to zig if that makes sense. I do think LSU’s defensive line will be the most talented the Rebels have played against this season, so there will be tough stretches of slow sledding in the run game.
  • Jayden Daniels scores four touchdowns: Hoo boy, it seems like the transfer QB has come into his own in the last week or so. Ole Miss’ defense isn’t nearly as porous as Florida’s, so I knocked off a couple touchdowns from Daniels’ six TD explosion last week. I believe the greatest threat on Saturday will be his ability to take off out of the pocket when it collapses, meaning rushing touchdowns for the Tigers.
  • Jonathan Mingo has a 100-yards receiving: After being held to zero catches vs. Auburn, Mingo returns to the forefront as the self-proclaimed DBU struggles to keep him in check. I think the Tiger secondary is a little thin on depth, and it may take until the second half for it to unfold but watch for a strong day out of Mingo.
  • First team to 30 points wins: With an over/under at 66 points which I consider a little high, I think the first squad to crack the 30-point barrier will win. Now, I’ve already said Daniels would account for four touchdowns, so that puts the Tigers at 28 though I’m not sure where else its offense comes from - so the Rebels have it laid out in front of them for the taking. If the Rebels can jump out to an early lead, then hold serve and take the crowd out of the equation, it should all come down to executing a couple late possession for the Rebels to take home a win.