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It’s time for a Q&A with And the Valley Shook, SBNation’s LSU blog

Lane Kiffin looking to go one and eaux this week

Memphis Express v Orlando Apollos Photo by Julio Aguilar/AAF/Getty Images

And the Valley Shook is a blog where LSU fans use their local library internet to enjoy some time on the World Wide Web.

Zachary Junda is the site manager and lead editor over there, and he’s overall a very nice guy. But this week, he is a real pain in the ass let’s cut to the chase and see how many times he turns “o’s” to “eaux’s” thinking its folksy and fun.

1.) Can I send you an Ole Miss baseball national champs t-shirt in the mail?

Yeah sure go ahead I’m looking at Homefield and I really like—oh wow look at that you guys don’t have an Ole Miss collection gee what a shame. Mississippi State does, guess they’re the superior school.

2.) What was the LSU reception for Brian Kelly? We all kind of saw the regional joking about his weird accent, but what did Tiger fans really think?

I think at first it was “ah god dammit.” And then the thought process turned to: you know Brian Kelly’s won a heck of a lot of games...and he’s done it at places that don’t have nearly the same kind of built advantages that a place like LSU has.

Look Brian Kelly’s a prickly personality. He’s about as polar of an opposite from Ed Orgeron as you can get. But Coach O couldn’t maintain a program, in fact he damn near ran LSU into the ground. Kelly’s won and had sustained success and that’s something we haven’t really had since Saban. But all anyone here really cares about is if Kelly can win a championship like his last three predecessors. Win one of those and nobody here’s gonna care at all about fahmulee gate.

3.) What happened at Auburn that Ole Miss could replicate? Or was it just an off night for the Bayou Bengals?

Well one thing that’s almost certainly going to be replicated is LSU’s special teams makes some kind of miscue. Just wait long enough, hell maybe even the opening kickoff, and LSU will gift Ole Miss in some way. It could be a muff, a block, a kickoff out of bounds, an illegal formation on a punt, surrendering a big return the possibilities are endless!

4.) What do you perceive to be the strength and weakness of LSU?

The top end talent is really good. There’s future first rounders on the roster like Kayshon Boutte, BJ Ojulari, Will Campbell, and Harold Perkins. But there’s not a whole lotta depth here, especially at corner. That’s what gives me pause about this game. Lane Kiffin’s maybe the best play caller in the game right now, he’s sure to have something cooked up to take advantage of a thin secondary.

5.) Jayden Daniels seemed to figure something out against Florida last week. How much momentum do you think that brings into this week?

Look if the Jayden Daniels we saw last week is who we’re going to get for the rest of the season LSU’s going to a New Year’s Six bowl game. It’s a massive if though but there’s reason to be hopeful. Remember he also threw for 300 yards against Tennessee. LSU’s got maybe the best group of receivers in the conference, and maybe the country, all Daniels has to do is just throw it up and give ‘em a chance.

6.) Ole Miss beats LSU because: Lane Kiffin cooked up a hell of a game plan and Jaxson Dart dropped bombs all afternoon long on a secondary that’s being held together by string and bubble gum.

LSU upsets Ole Miss because: Jayden Daniels continues to trick or treat as Joe Burrow and uses both his arm and legs to put up another performance like we saw last week at Florida. I also get the feeling that Tiger Stadium is going to win LSU a game they’ve got no right winning. It didn’t happen against Tennessee, now it’s just a matter of is it Saturday against Ole Miss or two weeks against Alabama?