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A Petition to Ole Miss Football: Play Swag Surfin’ when Auburn loses

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NCAA Football: Kentucky at Mississippi Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

*While my Ole Miss fandom has less years under its belt than most peoples, there is still trauma. Nevertheless, I am hoping that we all as a fanbase choose to move past the WAOM curse and look forward to the future, without feeling like we can jinx ourselves with an article.*

Ole Miss will be taking on a SEC West foe this Saturday at an 11 am C.T. kickoff. While that is not the most ideal, Rebel fans showed that it was no problem for them when Kentucky came to town two weeks ago in the same situation.

Ole Miss announced earlier this week that this game is sold out. Two consecutive 11 a.m. kickoffs sold out is unbelievably impressive. While it’s not homecoming, Ole Miss will need to bring that fire from two weeks ago that played a massive part of the win over a top-10 Kentucky Wildcat team.

I think it is safe to say that there is a lot of pent up hatred toward the Auburn Tigers. They may not be the traditional rivalry that you think of, but there is a lot of animosity each year. Anything can happen, and if you’re not careful, a game can get away from you quickly. Even when they are in a dumpster fire like this year, you can’t ever count them out.

After traveling to Auburn for the brutal loss last October, I think that we should take a play out of their playbook when Ole Miss comes out with a win on Saturday. Playing a teams signature song after a massive win to move to 7-0 is petty as hell, and I am here for it. It is also big Lane Kiffin energy which makes it even better.

It’s one of the coolest traditions in sports, and I would love to see it implemented into the soundtrack at Vaught-Hemingway on Saturday after the win. (I would also love to see Auburn head coach Bryan Harsin fired on the Tupelo airport tarmac, but trying not to be too greedy.)

The Rebels need all the fan support on Saturday to beat a very capable and talented Auburn team. Their coaching might be horrific, but they have plenty of players who can still make plays. Ole Miss fans, show up early and stay the entire game. I promise, the Grove will still be there after the win.