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NFL Rebs in the Playoffs: Super Wild Card Weekend

Is Ole Miss TE University now?

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

It was another crazy week in the NFL, but instead of close games, this wild card weekend was full of blowouts and snoozefests.

With some of the most notable Rebels being out on first-round bye weeks, it left the wild cards to put on a show.

Dawson Knox had arguably the greatest game of his career coming one yard shy of a three-touchdown performance in the Buffalo Bills blowout win over New England, 47-17.

Mike Hilton was stellar on defense limiting explosive plays and continuing to be disruptive to Derek Carr and the rest of the Las Vegas Raiders. Hilton helped take the Bengals to its first playoff win since 1992- two years before Hilton was even born.

It’s going to be another electric week in the NFL as the teams' inch closer to the division title game. If your team has already been knocked out or maybe didn’t even make it (I see you Saints fans) pick a former Rebel to cheer for until the Super Bowl.

We’ll have all your action back here next week!


He almost made it a third but was just shy of the end zone when his knee came down a little prematurely. Knox had five receptions for 89 yards and will now focus on the Kansas City Chiefs on Jan. 23.

  • Mike Hilton, Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals defeated my beloved Raiders on Saturday with the help of Mike Hilton. He had four tackles and two passes defended while also causing major disruption for Derek Carr. Hilton came very close to catching a massive interception early in the game but wasn’t able to hold onto it.
  • D.J Jones, San Francisco 49ers: starting defensive tackle has been a quiet hero for the Niners this season, and Sunday against the Cowboys was no exception. Jones had one sack and one tackle, but his impact this game isn’t shown in the stats.
  • Brandon Bolden, New England Patriots: Unfortunately, Bolden is the only NFL Reb to lose in the wild card round this week. Against the Bills, Bolden recorded four catches for 27 yards in his seemingly 20th year in the league. The Patriots seemed to struggle from the jump and probably could have used some fresh legs.