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The official Red Cup Rebellion drinking game is back for Ole Miss vs. Louisville

Crack a Busch Latte and let the boys get buzzin’.

NCAA Football: Southeastern Louisiana at Mississippi Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

It’s dadgum Labor Day weekend folks.

The weather is dang near perfect, you don’t have to work Monday, and Ole Miss is playing in a primetime football game to kickoff the season. It’s time to crack open some crispy boys, fill up some solo cups, pop some bubbly, peel back the wax on the Maker’s and let the dang good times roll.

And sometimes, just sometimes, these games can get a little monotonous for the casual fan. Maybe you’ve got a watch party set up at the house or local watering hole, and there will be those asking why John Rhys Plumlee isn’t taking snaps because they just don’t know and don’t pay attention. It’s ok to be them too.

Don’t let those eyes roll, just shoot them this link for the official Red Cup drinking game for the Ole Miss-Louisville game. And, um, please drink responsibly and don’t really do this, because you’ll prolly hurt yourself. Thank you to lawyers everywhere for not suing us.

Red Cup Rebellion Official Drinking Game - Week 1

  • Matt Corral throws for 200 yards: Take a sip, then holler “party in the sip”
  • Matt Corral throws for 300 yards: Take two sips, then holler “party in the sip”
  • Matt Corral throws for 400 yards: Finish your drink, politely clap and don’t mention postseason award possibilities
  • Jerrion Ealy breaks some ankles: Take a sip, do a spin move, euro step and spike your beverage in the trash
  • Broadcasters mention Arch Manning’s recruitment: Pay your subscription dues to Red Cup Rebellion and its top notch recruiting coverage and finish your beer, we got another 18 months of hearing about this
  • ESPN shows b-roll footage of Taylor Grocery despite being in Atlanta: Do a catfish shot, which is one part catfish filet, one part bloody mary, and one part feeling very good about the decision
  • The Good Bo/Bad Bo: Take a sip every time the commentators insinuate that an OM QB is unreliable and inconsistent despite all evidence to the contrary on the field
  • Schedule graphic: Shotgun a Busch Light and throw the empty at the game which brings you the most anxiety
  • Lane Kiffin COVID mention: Take a sip and pour one out for coach
  • ESPN covers Lane Kiffin’s tweets: Take three sips and RT your favorite petty Lane tweet
  • John Rhys Plumlee under center: Drink every alcohol in your house like Tom Hanks’ character Ned from that episode of Family Ties where he chugs vanilla extract to keep his buzz going (srsly get help Uncle Ned, we care about ya)
  • Jeff Lebby throws clipboard mid-play: Chug your beer and do lots of hootin’ and hollerin’
  • Ole Miss defensive player makes TD saving tackle: Yell “ONE MAN TO BEAT”, tackle the nearest person, then dust them off and offer a cold beverage
  • Ole Miss wins: Fire up a “Hotty Toddy” cheer, finish your drink and turn off the dang lights, because it’s probably midnight and 122 points have been scored
  • Ole Miss doesn’t win: Snarky WAOM comment, list your season tickets for sale, get mad on the internet, pop open some decent wine and let the hate flow through you

So what will you be sipping on tonight during the game? Comment or tweet @redcuprebellion with your libation preference.