‘Twas the Night Before Atlanta

‘Twas the night before Atlanta, and all through Rebel Nation

The excitement was building for the pregame celebration.

An Outback Bowl win even without Yeboah and Moore,

Added Lane Kiffin to the record books of past bowl success lore.

Recruiting finished strong leading to optimism about 2022,

Apparently you can recruit defense, something we’d forgotten, thanks Hugh.

The clipboards are stocked and fans are ready with #partyinthesip shirts aplenty,

Blood pressure meds are handy, and needed for anytime the score is within twenty.

The Grove will wait a week, but don’t worry we’ll see you soon.

We've got business to see to in Atlanta, On Monday, seven hours past Noon.

The off-season that wouldn’t end. Most other sports ended less than great.

But all those were but an appetizer. A distraction while we wait.

Baseball has its place sure, and don’t forget we’re really a #womensgolfschool.

But when football hits the calendar, there leaves no doubt which sport really rules.

Now the off-season has but another curveball to throw.

Lane Kiffin-less we march on Monday, but not leaderless though.

Our favorite California son will step up, his receivers and running backs holding steady.

Ole Miss Rebels, the wait is over. The question is ARE YOU READY?

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