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Ole Miss football fans remember 2015’s win over Alabama as “one of the best days ever”

The world is now watching.

I had the idea for an article leading up to Alabama trying to get everyone on my side believing Ole Miss can upset the Tide. I reached out to my boss to see if he liked it, and I told him I would throw a feeler out on Twitter to see if anyone was at the 2015 game in Tuscaloosa and wanted to talk to me about it.

I thought I would maybe get a few messages to help the story with #content... I should have known.

My inbox was flooded on Twitter from everyone wanting to tell me about individual stories, and favorite memories from the “best day of their lives.” While I did not grow up an Ole Miss fan, I do remember this game. I never liked Alabama and remember being really excited when I saw the “Blind Side school” beat them, and it was in Tuscaloosa. Now that I’m officially a fan, I live vicariously through all of your stories.

Originally, I had planned to copy and paste the few answers I got, but around the 10th direct message on Twitter, I decided to ask each fan the same three questions. Here are some of my favorite answers to them:

1. What is the most memorable moment about that game?

“Hard to pick just one moment in that game that I would say was most memorable. i was in the north endzone and the crazy muffed snap/tipped catch that Adeboyejo had for a TD was a huge one. not only because of how freak of a play it was but it was coming to the endzone on my end of the stadium. that was in the 3rd Q to make it 24-10. that leads me to this memory. we were up basically the whole game but nobody around me would ever say anything about it. just one of those unspoken rules to not jinx it. we would just sort of look at each other. everyone knew what was going on but nobody would dare say anything. even when we were up 43-24 with 10 minutes left, and bama fans were piling out of the stadium, we were all sorta like “idk why they’re leaving. this game is NOT over” i guess Bama fans are just blessed with not having PTSD from years of blown leads and WAOM moments caused by their football team” - @RayStevens22

“But my favorite one was the Cody Core touchdown catch. Kelly rolled right and threw as he crossed the line of scrimmage. I had half the section ready to fight me when the referees upheld the touchdown.” - WholesomeAusten

“ As for the most recent game, the most memorable part was post game watching all of the players come to the Ole Miss section. I still have the videos and I watch them. Chad Kelly, Treadwell, Tony Conner. Freeze. There was just absolute joy from all of them. I don’t think they could believe they had done it. “ -@greerjas

“Most memorable moment was when we took that big 2nd half lead and Bama folks were just streaming out of the stadium... made you feel good to give Tide fans a feeling they don’t feel much” - @ReeceHPowell

“So every turnover was crazy, we couldn’t believe the kickoff turnovers were happening like the year and that’s what started us thinking we could win. Then Chad’s tip to Quincy was nuts. bama started to come back in the 4th then we picked it off and next drive treadwell took the ball off that guys head for a TD and we lost it. I was with my brother in law and brother who went to bama but they are die hard and just didn’t believe bama would lose. It was a nerve wracking game because they kept coming back (the onside kick) and after the last pick they were just stunned in silence. We had to stay pretty tame because getting out and heading to our friends place was filled with angry bama fans. Bars closed early and kicked ole miss kids out / lots of fights. I split from my brother after the game and joined up with my friends who watched at the bar and got kicked out early. I had to stay tame while in there because it felt like 98% bama fans” - @FrenchToastSaw

“The most memorable moment of the game for me was the “we just beat the hell out of you” chant at the end. But I’m a sucker for that, lol.

2nd most memorable moment would be the Alabama fan across the row high-fiving me after the tipped ball Adeboyejo TD. He said “that shit was awesome”- @TylerWilson86

“Me and my brother drove up from the coast. Two things that still stick out were the high snap play on the Kelly to Treadwell to Adeboyejo TD. We were in the nosebleed section and the play went away from us but we could somehow still make out everything. The other was the Bama fans piling out of the stadium early in the 4th.” -@Jasonlaw17

“The most memorable part was the tip six!!! I screamed. I couldn’t believe it and the stadium was silent.”-@Mrs_sushi44

“other than the usual suspects (tip 6) most memorable was the fumble recovery on the opening kickoff. It was a super cool wave of “oh shit, are things going our way?” And it felt like we could pull it off. Will never forget the initial burst of confidence.”- @TrentOMalley

2. Does this year’s team have the capabilities to get it done, and what will it take?

“Absolutely this team can get it done! The key to the game is stuffing Alabama’s run game and forcing Bryce Young to step up and make throws. Its going to be a high scoring affair so if Ole Miss can limit turnovers and continue to stay balanced with their running and passing game, it will come down to the 4th quarter.”- @s_kiffin

“This year’s team absolutely has the ability to beat Bama because Corral’s had another year to master Kiffin/Lebby’s offense as well as the improvement on defense. If we had any defense whatsoever last year, we win that game. So based on that we have a better chance this year to win.”- @riverwolfe03

“yes, absolutely this years team can get it done. This team is significantly better offensively. With that said, we got 5 turnovers from Alabama in 2015 and still had to sweat it out. It’s hard to win there.” -@TylerWilson86

“I believe so. I think our staff has created a winning mindset/attitude different from previous years. The game could go either way though. I hate having this much confidence in a team so I will refrain from making ridiculous predictions and say that that this is just another game.” -@Jake_Mcanally

“I think our offense can handle their defense. We have become much more well-rounded and focused. I also believe our defense can make the stops we need them to. Of course, Saban doesn’t like losing or close games, so I’m a little nervous that Florida just fired him up more”- @prestonmillin

“I think this team does have what it takes, but in order to beat Bama you have to play a perfect game and also catch a break or two. So I think it’s certainly possible, but we will need a little help, probably in the turnover column.”- @TrentOMalley

3. How good did it feel to watch Bama fans leaving their own stadium sad?

“There was nothing better than waving goodbye to the Bama faithful early in the 4th quarter. All those a**holes were talking way too much during the game, so my joy in wishing them a safe ride home was nothing short of euphoric. Obviously, Alabama made it close in the end, but for the “most dedicated” fanbase in SEC, seeing a half-empty stadium with 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter was incredible. I don’t think I’ve seen a Bama game where a full house emptied out like that during the game.” -@WholesomeAusten

“How good did it feel watching their fans? I don’t have a word for that. Ha. Another combination of pride and glee. They couldn’t fully grasp what was happening to them and it was a joy to watch given how they have acted towards me and my pals in previous years with their overwhelming arrogance and condescending attitudes about Ole Miss and Mississippi in general.”- @SameWells

“I remember waving goodbye to the droves of Alabama fans leaving Bryant Denny late in the 3rd quarter. I assumed it didn’t happen often. What’s crazy is the game didn’t end in a blowout and I think some of them came back. At the time, lightning struck twice and we felt like we conquered Goliath. I just hope that we as a program/fan base are not surprised by big wins moving forward. This staff is legit.” -@Jake_McAnally

“It was an amazing feeling seeing them leave that early but I’ve also been an Ole Miss fan long enough to know it wasn’t over yet. It’s not a true Ole Miss game til I have my second panic attack. Bama did come back towards the end but the Rebs hung on. Was a great feeling on the drive back south that night knowing the Rebs got that win in that stadium.” -@jasonlaw17

“best part of the night was the feeling of total elation in comparison to the depressed Bama fans. I remember getting back to my buddy’s fraternity house, and one of the guys went into the kitchen, grabbed one (1) glass, walked outside, and broke the glass on the brick wall. I watched him do this like 7 times. One glass per trip. It was beautiful. They get so much happiness as a fanbase that it was nice seeing them experience normal feelings” -@TrentOMalley

“We didn’t get back to Birmingham till 3 am. My dad had to cover my mouth so I wouldn’t provoke the gumps. it was awesome to watch people filing out in the fourth quarter it was completely silent.”- @Mrs_sushi44

4. Random Thoughts:

“I WAS at the ole miss-Bama game in 2015. Paid a babysitter a lot of money to make the trip not because I thought they’d win but because I knew if they did and I wasn’t there I’d regret it for the rest of my life” - @AlexMcDaniel

“I’ve been to one game at Tuscaloosa and it was that one because I had a “feeling” it was gonna be good ! I also just put 50 bucks down on +4000 bet as Rebs winning a national 50 win 2K..wish me luck lol GO REBELS!!”- @spthomas2

“I still have the newspaper from the next day on my fridge!”- @Mrs_sushi44


I’ve never been one to shy away from scalding hot takes, and this article will be no different. Alabama is a good team, they’re number one for a reason. But Ole Miss is better.

The Rebels have a Heisman favorite quarterback, an elite offense, the best play calling duo in college football, and a defense on a mission to prove themselves. I don’t think it will be easy, and there will be obscene amounts of stress, but the only team that is capable of beating Ole Miss this year is Ole Miss.

“I’ve said this in other interviews and I’m going to keep saying it: It’s never about who we play. Ever,” Quarterback Matt Corral said. “No matter how good the opponent is, no matter how less of the opponent is, it’s always about how we prepare coming up to that week. Again, it’s all about what we’re doing in the building every single day leading up to that game.”

It’s been six long years since that day, but luckily the Rebs will have a chance to upset the #1 team in the country, again. Hotty Toddy, and #BeatBama.