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Last week, Jewish people celebrated Yom Kippur, or "the day of atonement." Part of the tradition is to approach those in your life and say you’re sorry for any hurt you’ve caused them this past year. And to seek forgiveness.

It got me thinking how rarely we do that in this country. We have an annual Thanksgiving. But not a Forgive Me Day. Truth is, we don’t forgive much anymore. We scold. We scream. We obliterate. We wipe you from existence.

Cancel culture is pretty much the direct opposite of forgiveness, and I’m afraid we’re becoming so used to the former, we’re forgetting the latter. To err is human, but to forgive is dumb, weak, and beneath us. That’s who we’re becoming.

Thinking those you disagree with politically are unredeemable, thinking unvaccinated people are not worth saving, thinking someone who made a comment you found offensive belongs on the permanently unemployed junkpile only speaks to our egos, and how much we think of our own take on things.

But a smarter man than me once said, "He that cannot forgive others, breaks the bridge over which he must pass himself." We’ll all need to be forgiven by someone someday. Maybe the best way to prepare for that is by practicing it yourself.

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