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Here are RCR’s picks for Week 3 of SEC football

Rebs gonna win, but by how much?

Brett McMurphy-Twitter

Betting on college football is a totally great way to become a thousand-aire in very short order. It’s also putting hard, earned money on the talents and psyches of 18-22 year old athletes.

So is it a good idea to base your betting on the Red Cup staff’s picks? Maybe like just listen to me if last week’s results are any indication.

Yaboi OMTB was the only bloggeur on this here webbed site to get above .500 in both moneyline and spread picks. It’s really a sad state of affairs going on here folks.

Just bet the opposite of whatever some of these folks are saying, I don’t know. We promise to do better?

In the moneyline, you’ve got some more confidence in these picks in my opinion. Mizzou, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Kentucky, LSU and Arkansas would make for an interesting parlay as they all have pretty damn good chances of winning Saturday.

When it comes to the Miss. St.-Memphis showdown, the staff is split on the winner and the spread, but I have a feeling Memphis is just not talented enough on defense to get a W. The Tigers allowed 50 points against Arkansas St. - not great!

Additionally, Georgia and Alabama are unanimously picked to win, but it’s most likely because both teams look to be the class of the conference right now. Stanford over Vanderbilt makes sense just because the Commodores have not looked good all season.

Moving on to Auburn, there seems to be a hint they may be more of a paper tiger than the real thing this year as nearly everyone picks Penn St. over the War Eagles. I’d tread carefully on that one, because there have been some hot rumors about a James Franklin to USC situation going on.

And finally, Ole Miss over Tulane, but can the Rebels cover the -14.5? It’s a little unsettling to think the game will be closer than a couple touchdowns, and I think if it is, it will say more about Tulane hanging with its second top 25 team than it will about Ole Miss.

I want to have the confidence of the “Rebs by a thousand” guy from this week’s episode of “The Season”, but I can’t allow it. Until I see the Rebels in the endzone a few times and a defensive stop or two, I’ll be nervously sipping some Miller Lites and hoping for a cover.