Closest to The Pin Prediction Thread

51 - 13 Rebs

1 targeting call

I have to write more words to post this prediction thread, but I'm not sure how many words I have to write. I never liked writing essays primarily due to a general disenchantment with schooling probably caused by a fascination with beautiful women and independence.

What do those of you not living in Oxford do for the games? Do you have a regular bar? Do you have a friend who always hosts? I really thought I would have hit the word count by now, but, at the same time, I'm genuinely curious about your answers to the questions leading this paragraph.

One hundred and ten is quite a milestone when you've been counting words since word seven. Does anyone have a lucky number? I've heard 33 is a magic number, and, just as you'd expect, I started noticing 33's after I heard that.

150. That's a respectable minimum. I like it. Let's hear your predictions.

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