Let's Not Kid Ourselves

This post isn't about hedging the inevitable excitement making a resurgence on Saturday eve and coursing through your veins after the win over Louisville. This post is about kidding ourselves on COVID19 testing and forfeits.

A while back, an unnamed columnist wrote:

"Unlike the elected leaders of the state of Mississippi, Lane Kiffin and staff showed what happens when you actually lead and hold people accountable, as the team and staff are 100 percent vaccinated… The football-related benefit is Ole Miss won’t lose any games due to a COVID-related forfeit, which is on the table this season."

If there's one thing that's obvious after Saturday's game, it's not that our defense has a pulse or that our offense still has weapons. It's not even that the men on our team are fired up and motivated to compete this year. It's this: There will be games forfeited or rosters affected by COVID19 infections to the point of effective forfeiture, and Ole Miss could fall victim to this inevitability.

With Fall quickly approaching and trash cans invading the Grove again, we're stepping into flu season. Given that, according to flu tracking data, the COVID19 coronavirus is now the dominant coronavirus, even to the point of out-competing Rhinoviruses as well, and the vaccinated carry the virus and test positive for the virus, it is only logical to say that games will be forfeited or major players will test positive and limit the capability of a team to compete.

I know you may be reaching for your blood pressure medicine, because some columnist that you, for some reason, respect or with which you are at least comfortably familiar promised you that our team did the right thing, and our team will be immune from bad things happening, because karma, and that's the way the world works. I'm here to prepare you for the inevitable. Teams will, at very least, lose players due to COVID19 positive tests, and I don't want you to be unprepared when that happens. I know how fragile some of you are.

Sincerely and With Love,

Firin' Line

Class of 2016

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