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Here are RCR’s picks for Week 2 of SEC football

Let’s chase some paper.

The Denver Post-Sean Keeler

The first week of SEC football left fans with a few surprises.

Alabama still seems to be very good and joyless as it ravages its way through yet another opponent, but anyone who watched that game - it could have been so much more of a blowout honestly.

Georgia won in a rock fight against a talented top-5 Clemson team. Only yaboi OMTB picked this upset last week.

LSU played outside of the state of Louisiana and lost to a previously alsoran UCLA squad that has seen a resurgence this season at 2-0.

Mike Leach and Miss. St. needed three touchdowns in the fourth quarter to win by one against... Louisiana Tech? Yikes.

And of course, Ole Miss loses its head coach to COVID protocol, then goes to Atlanta and puts the smack down on an ACC opponent like its nbd.

But through it all, the Red Cup staff had an above .500 record on picks against the spread and the moneyline. Our resident student/bloggeur Ruby Draayer led the way in picks against the spread with a 10-4 record and leads overall with a 24-7 record for the season.

Now, we go from hero to zero and start week two to see where Red Cup sees the upsets and favorites according to lines set in Vegas.

First off, we’ve got some assumed blowouts in the Auburn, Ole Miss, Alabama, Florida and LSU games — probably throw in Georgia as well though the offense looks doodoo right now.

Then there’s some games I’d throw in the category that maybe there would be a surprise — Texas A&M/Colorado, Texas/Arkansas, Colorado State/Vanderbilt. Vandy looked awful last week and just assume they’re going to trend badly for now. We don’t know much about Colorado, but TAMU is a clear favorite. And Arkansas looked not great against Rice, but maybe Sam Pittman will open up every trick in the book to shock the ‘Horns.

Finally, the last group features Sakerlina/East Carolina, Pitt/Tennessee, NC State/MSU, and Kentucky/Mizzou. We’ve got new coaches at SC and UT that make these games a little more intriguing as far as what to expect. These could end up as W’s as likely as they could end up L’s or even moreso one way or the other.

MSU looked a hot mess for three quarters, but maybe they have figured it out and will come out guns blazing against the Wolfpack. Wouldn’t bet my house on it though.

And for the Stoops/Drinkwitz showdown, it would be surprising if Mizzou pulls it off, but I still can’t quite look at the Big Blue Nation and take football too seriously and confidently.

Here’s to week two — what’s your upset or spread that you will be putting your life savings on? Comment below or tweet @redcuprebellion with your thoughts.