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Roman Harper thinks Ole Miss and Lane Kiffin will make the biggest jump in year two

Welcome to the resistance.

Mississippi v LSU Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Roman Harper, former Alabama defensive star and NFL veteran, thinks pretty highly of Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin.

And he let SEC Network viewers hear all about it naming Kiffin as the most likely to have the biggest second year jump compared to his peers in the SEC. The question came in light of a perceived “sophomore slump” fans may expect from new coaches entering a second season.

Mississippi State, Arkansas, Ole Miss and Missouri are all in this same boat, so it is not necessarily Harper endorsing Kiffin as anything more than the coach with the most to gain in year two compared to the other schools.

It’s rat poison, folks.

Personally, I think Sam Pittman surprised the most in year one as many looked at Arky’s schedule in the 2020 preseason and wondered if the Razorbacks would even notch a W. That being said, Pittman may log a four to six win season and not get that significant jump.

For the rest of the conference, it’s likely fans will see this as being akin to the least smelly dumpster — these four programs are rebuilding, and each has its significant gaps to getting into the bigger conference championship discussion.

But, according to at least my new favorite analyst Roman Harper, Ole Miss should close that gap faster and more significantly than the rest this season.