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2021 NCAA Baseball Tournament: Lists you can use for the Oxford Regional

Through the power of bullet points, we take a more in-depth look at the three teams Ole Miss could face this weekend.

Josh McCoy-Ole Miss Athletics

As part of your subscription to Red Cup Rebellion dot com, you have 24-hour access to game recaps, analysis, podcasts, and generally useful information to enhance the delight and terror of walking through life as an Ole Miss fan. This post falls under that last category, as our purpose here today is to you even more details about the teams who will also be at Swayze Field this weekend.

The heated action gets underway on Friday afternoon, with the first of what could be seven total games played among the four teams over four days. Yes, that’s right, the regional could stretch to Monday night if a team manages to fight off elimination in the sixth game on Sunday. As an aside, surely nothing bad has ever happened in a Monday game in an Oxford Regional!

Obviously, we know Ole Miss’ first opponent will be the Redhawks of Southeast Missouri State, but after that nothing is set in stone. That’s why I’ve compiled a series of lists about the three teams — Southern Miss, Florida State, and SEMO — that will be in Oxford so you can thoroughly discuss and dissect them.

These lists are designed to both inform and help you sound like you have it all together when the conversation turns to whether Cape Girardeau was named after Jean Baptiste de Girardot, who was a French solider, or Steve Girardeau, who may have been a roadside fireworks stand baron.

Hopefully, this information will sustain your conversations between all the Ole Miss dingers.

10 important facts related to USM, FSU, and SEMO

  • Hattiesburg was not founded by Johnny Hattiesburg, the inventor of the chain restaurant.
  • Despite what you may have heard, Tallahassee was not founded by Jacksonville to serve as something to break up that stretch of I-10.
  • At the end of February, USM took two of three games from UConn, which possibly earned head football coach Randy Edsall a $47.52 bonus.
  • SEMO played a four-game series against Arkansas, losing all four games but doing so respectfully and the right way.
  • Florida State split a two-game series with Florida Gulf Coast, which, without checking for fact, was likely played in the foam room at Club La Vela.
  • SEMO head coach Andy Sawyers’ name anagrams to Away Dryness
  • PALINDROME RESULTS ALERT: In the Ohio Valley Conference tournament, SEMO lost to Murray State 10-1, which forced a final game that the Redhawks won 10-1.
  • TRANSITIVE PROPERTY ALERT: Common opponents for USM/Ole Miss (record vs) - Mississippi State (0-1/1-2), Louisiana Tech (4-7/0-1), and Alabama (1-0/3-0).
  • TRANSITIVE PROPERTY ALERT PART II: Common opponents for FSU/Ole Miss (record vs) - Florida (1-1/1-2) and UCF (1-0/1-2).
  • TRANSITIVE PROPERTY ALERT PART III: Common opponents for SEMO/Ole Miss (record vs) - Austin Peay (4-1/1-0), Belmont (2-1/3-0), Arkansas (0-4/1-3), and UT-Martin (3-1/0-1).

9 opposing players with the most Ole Miss names

  • Reece Ewing (USM)
  • Wyatt Crowell (FSU)
  • Hurston Waldrep (USM)
  • Rance Pittman (SEMO)
  • Jackson Greene (FSU)
  • Bryce Grossius (SEMO)
  • Hunter Perdue (FSU)
  • Logan Lacey (FSU)
  • Hayden Malenfant (SEMO)

8 different ways to say you’re Talkin’ Bout The Noles™

  • Shoutin’ Bout the Noles
  • Conversin’ Bout the Noles
  • Engagin’ Bout the Noles
  • TikTokin’ Bout the Noles
  • Tweetin’ Bout the Noles
  • Instagrammin’ Bout the Noles
  • SnapChattin’ Bout the Noles
  • OnlyFansin’ Bout the Noles

7 times the USM, FSU, and SEMO message boards said they weren’t going to make a regional

  • Northwestern State 7, USM 1
  • North Florida 7, FSU 4
  • SIU Edwardsville 6, SEMO 2
  • UConn 10, USM 7
  • Jacksonville 8, FSU 7
  • Southeastern Louisiana 5, USM 2
  • Southern Illinois 21, SEMO 4

6 players you probably don’t want to see at bat with runners on base

  • Reed Trimble (USM) - .989 OPS, 14 HRs, 58 RBI
  • Charlie Fischer (USM) - 1.055 OPS, 7 HRs, 36 RBI
  • Matheu Nelson (FSU) - 1.215 OPS, 22 HRs, 64 RBI
  • Elijah Cabell (FSU) - .965 OPS, 14 HRs, 39 RBI
  • Tyler Wilber (SEMO) - 1.018 OPS, 6 HRs, 49 RBI
  • Wade Strauss (SEMO) - .895 OPS, 14 HRs, 36 RBI

5 Florida State alumni who are the most Florida State

  • Scott Stapp (lead singer of Creed)
  • Memphis Garrett (runner-up on Big Brother 10)
  • Danny Kanell (sports hollerin’ person)
  • Brian Kelley (Florida Georgia Line member)
  • Matt Gaetz (soon-to-be-indicted person)

4 notable Southern Miss alumni who are not a certain quarterback who has not paid back money from a welfare fraud scheme that stole from the state of Mississippi

  • Jimmy Buffet
  • Oseola McCarty
  • Ray Guy
  • Clarence Weatherspoon (added strictly to bring up that he once finished second in the NBA dunk contest?!?!?!?!?)

Sure, why not.

3 major roadways of Hattiesburg, Tallahassee, and Cape Girardeau power rankings

  1. I-55 (obviously)
  2. I-10
  3. Highway 49 (at this very moment, 83 percent of Highway 49 is probably under construction)

2 famous people from Hattiesburg, Tallahassee, or Cape Girardeau

  • Afroman (Hattiesburg)
  • T-Pain (Tallahassee)

1 most famous football player from one of the three schools

Burt Reynolds Photo by Art Zelin/Getty Images