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Fast and Furious meets Ole Miss football

With the return of our favorite crew, we give the Mi Familia treatment to the 2021 football schedule.

After being delayed since last April due to a year that could generously be described as NOT IDEAL, the Fast and Furious franchise is back where it belongs - in the theater 365 days a year. The latest piece of art is the ninth installment of Dom and the gang exploring the space of “what car stuff can we do this time that inspires a genuine ‘DAAAAAAAAAAMN’ from Ludacris.”

To celebrate our favorite thespian troupe’s return to the big screen, we’re bringing the Fast and Furious movie title magic to the 2021 Ole Miss football schedule. Each game on the schedule will be given a Fast and Furious-like title to give it more hype and also because it is Friday, June 25th, and we have a lot of clock to run out before September 6th.

Although the schedule appears in order, the names are not related to the order of the franchise films. For instance, a title related to the seventh iteration of Mi Familia may be given to the second or third game on the schedule because I am making the rules up as I go.

With that, let’s get to the Fast and Furious-ized version of the 2021 Ole Miss football schedule.

The Lane and the Train (vs Louisville in Atlanta)

Lane Trains, Planes, and Gains (vs Austin Peay)

Lane Train: OG (vs Tulane)

Lane & Train (at Alabama)

2 Lane 2 Train (vs Arkansas)

Lane Train Presents: Corral & Ealy (at Tennessee)

The Lot of the Lane (vs LSU)

Lane Five (at Auburn)

LT9 (vs Liberty)

Lane Train X (vs Texas A&M)

Trane Lain (vs Vanderbilt)

Lane Train: Golden Triangle Drift (at Mississippi State)

I leave you with FOR PAUL.

True story: The first time I saw that, I was in NO WAY prepared for that emotional ambush. I mean, I knew there would be some tribute but nothing like that was even on the radar.