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Ole Miss sweeps South Carolina, travels to Texas A&M next. Where do things stand now?

Suddenly, we’re back on track.

Ole Miss Athletics

Ole Miss sits at 31-12 overall and 13-8 in the SEC after sweeping the South Carolina Gamecocks over the weekend. We now have arrived at what I like to call REACTION MONDAY where we draw sweeping conclusions based on the weekend we just saw.

Here are my reactions.

If the season ended today, Ole Miss is likely a regional host.

The Rebels needed this one badly, and they got it in emphatic fashion. On Saturday night after the sweep, Ole Miss’ RPI was at 10, and not falling apart the rest of the way (i.e. two series wins and not being swept) should make you feel pretty good about hosting a regional in June, greatly boosting your chances of getting to the supers.

The remaining schedule is at Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, and at Georgia before going to Hoover for the SEC Tournament. If the Rebels were to get hot, they could backdoor themselves back into...

The national seed conversation

It seems pretty weird to even think that this is a possibility after the weeks we saw prior to this weekend, but it is possible. Ole Miss has to get at least two at Texas A&M and Georgia in order for this to happen, and a sweep mixed in helps a lot. Go 6-3 down this stretch (and maybe even get one or two in Hoover), and I think the Rebels find a way to be a top eight seed.

I’m not a savant at this, nor do I claim to have a read on the committee’s collective brain, but I do think that a 19-11 regular season conference record should get you in as a national seed.

Ole Miss has a recent history of playing some of its best baseball in Hoover

While this is a few weeks away, I thought it was worth mentioning. If Ole Miss can take care of Texas A&M next weekend and be one of the top 20 potential hosts that are released on May 10, I think you have the potential to play for a national seed right in front of you. If you could come away with a sweep and taking two (somehow) from Vandy, I think you’re sitting in great shape heading to Athens and then to Hoover, especially given the fact that Ole Miss typically performs well in the SEC Tournament, at least in recent years.

Bottom line

If you twisted my arm today, I’d say this team hosts a regional. This weekend was that big as far as hosting is concerned for the Rebels. If they can continue on this trajectory that they established with last Saturday’s comeback win over LSU, I think a national seed is still in the conversation. It will take some work, but it’s still very possible.

Either way, hopefully Ole Miss is getting hot at the right time and can make some noise heading into the postseason.


Tim Elko also got an AB last night against Sakeralina, and although he popped out, I may or may not have almost cried when he came up to the plate.

Godspeed, Tim. Hopefully we can see you some more in the weeks ahead.