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Here’s the Red Cup Rebellion Masters Club dinner menu

Just like they do in Augusta, we also break bread among champions.

The Masters - Preview Day 1 Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

Among the bottomless reservoir of traditions during Masters week, a mention of the Champions Dinner falls somewhere between “Verne Lundquist is in the 16th tower” and “The Masters began early Thursday morning with Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player” on the Jim Nantz reverence-speaking scale.

The dinner, which occurs on Tuesday evening of every Masters week, is among the most exclusive of exclusive FANCY PANTS affairs in the world, as only former champions and the chairman of the Augusta National Golf Club are allowed to attend (super exclusive doesn’t sound like The Masters at all!).

Each year, the previous tournament winner hosts the dinner and selects the menu to be served to a room full of really good golfers and one guy who might pronounce “tournament” as “toon-a-mint.”

This year’s Champions Dinner was hosted by Dustin Johnson, who won the delayed Masters in November of last year. DJ took a conservative menu approach, with your standard salad, filet mignon (with a fish option), mashed potatoes, greens, and classic cobbler and apple pie (with ice cream) options for dessert, all of which are on point.

Not wanting to let the Green Jacket Mafia have all the fun and good eating, we at Red Cup Rebellion dot com also had our Champions Dinner on Tuesday. Champions of what is still a little unclear, but we’re definitely not champions of life for legal purposes (copyright: Butch Jones).

I suppose we’re champions of being the only Ole Miss site that offers free lifetime subscriptions and a customer service hotline (1-800-948-8488; if you call and you’re asked about pizza, don’t hang up, it’s a standard screening question).

To give you a peak behind the curtain as to how we honored ourselves, here’s the menu we attacked on Tuesday night.