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The Red Cup baseball mailbag talks grilled meats and hair styles

[opens bag of mail to reveal contents within, screams in horror]

Ole Miss Athletics

If my Ole Miss fandom has taught me anything, it’s that pain and sadness are lurking right around the corner, so just be prepared for a massive jump scare in the coming weeks for Rebels baseball.

HOWEVER, we can enjoy the Rebs being ranked No. 3 in the country by [checks notes] everybody on the planet as well as being 6-1 in conference play after sweeps of Auburn and Alabama and its first stumble last night against Florida.

These are the times that try men’s souls, and the trying of said souls brings forth many questions from the masses, of which you, dear reader, are a part. You asked, and I shall answer. You requested, I shall provide. I don’t know any more sentences to put here, but you get the point.

Thanks for being a part of my weekly mailbag thus far. Please continue to participate for the sake of mental and spiritual health.

Based on my calculations, I’ve only been to four SEC towns, two of which have been in your presence, dear Macklemore. One of those towns was Nashville, which is pretty cool, but it doesn’t provide the same home feel as Oxford. Columbia, South Carolina, is the same way. Oxford is obviously the best I’ve been to (I’ve heard that Athens is great, but I’ve never been). Starkville is Starkville. End of story.

Shouts to the fine folks at LB’s Meat Market for providing nourishment for me and the boys. That being said, the Swayze Sausage and pepper poppers are at the top of my list. Also, Walker, you weren’t at this game, but the crawfish was probably the best. I love the mud bugs, and I will suck them down like my life depends on it when given the opportunity.

In short, nah not really. I mean, baseball is different than football in the fact that speed and strength aren’t as big a factor in the game and literally anything can happen. Yeah I mean some of the bullpen arms haven’t been as sharp as one would have hoped, and there have been a few losses you’d rather not have. Even so, this team has won 20 ballgames, and we’re not even to April yet.

They’re also undefeated in the SEC, and even though those games came against Auburn and Alabama, sweeping series in the SEC is hard and not at all easy, so I think we’re fine. Better than fine, one might say! Each team has its weaknesses, but I think Five has started to figure out everyone’s roles at this point in the season.

Gunnar has a great name, but I will put forth this suggestion: John Rhys Plumlee. Double names are EXTREMELY southern, and I think that a name like John Rhys, if he doesn’t pursue a future in sports, he should have an automatic bid in running for a state senate seat in Mississippi or own a chicken restaurant or something.

Ashton Griffin at the Barber Shop on Main in Vardaman, Mississippi. I need a haircut soon, by the way.

Man, this is tough. I went to a Braves game when I was in elementary school where Jair Jurrjens threw a complete game shutout. That was awesome for my first MLB game.

Best Ole Miss sporting event? I didn’t attend a Bama win in person, so that’s out. Watching Breein Tyree drop about 1,000 on State in The Pavilion last year was electric. That team wasn’t very good, but they were that night.

Ole Miss’ 2016 win over Georgia in football was pretty sweet, too. Swag cooked like only Swag can in that game. Also, even though it was a loss, this past year’s football game against Alabama was very fun. I was fortunate enough to be there for that one.

Peyton Chatagnier. He’s got to stay healthy. Got to. His presence at the top of that lineup is key to this team reaching its full potential. Gunnar Hoglund and Doug Nikhazy also crossed my mind, but I’m going with Peyton.