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THE SEASON: No Context, Baseball Edition

America’s fastest growing No Context content returns with screenshots from the road trip to Texas.

2021 State Farm College Baseball Showdown Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The weekend is upon us and what better way to get the mind right than an exercise that requires little to no thought. To do this, we’ll travel with the baseball team to Texas and see what kind of quotes our dinger-hitting, strikeout-throwing sons gave us during their three-game sweep.

If you recall, this is the third version of said exercise, with the opening edition capturing the first five games of the football season, and the second edition closing out the season, including the Outback Bowl win.

If you have no recollection of the previous editions and can’t go back to those links because they’re now eight miles away from where your eyes are as you read this sentence, here’s how it works.

There are many, many Twitter accounts that focus on a TV show or movie, and only tweet subtitled screenshots from the show, movie, or whatever. For example, I follow an account dedicated to The Good Place, which provides a steady supply of things like this.

As I watched Ole Miss’ latest edition of The Season, I took screenshots to give you The Season: No Context, Baseball Edition.

Okay, I may have made that one.