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Ole Miss drops midweek game to Louisiana Tech, 13-1

Here is your game recap.

Ole Miss Athletics

Ole Miss baseball lost its first midweek game of the season on Tuesday to Louisiana Tech in Ruston 13-1. Pain is real, and it is here.

For starters, I made some chicken strips and rice-a-roni last night. I’m a fan of many of rice-a-roni’s brand flavors, but I went with the four cheese blend last night, and let me tell you, it was awesome. I’m a six-year-old at heart, I guess, (or maybe I like cheap convenience) but I was very pleased with how things turned out there.

I’ve taken to dipping my chicken of various varieties in yum yum sauce. You know, like the kind you get at hibachi restaurants. I always get extra of that sauce when I go to a hibachi place, and it’s very good.

I also watched a few episodes of the hit sitcom Frasier last night. Y’all ever watched it? It’s one of my feel-good shows and could quite possibly be my favorite sitcom of all time. Frasier’s character was originally a hallmark of the sitcom Cheers, but this spinoff show is actually better than the original imo. Psychiatrist brothers Frasier and Niles are elite together on screen. If you’ve never taken this show in, it’s available on Hulu.

Also, I have a gripe. In my Road to the Show on MLB The Show 20, I’m hitting over .340 with 40 home runs in Double A in the Rangers organization but have yet to be called up to Triple A Nashville or the Show in Arlington. It’s kind of infuriating considering the current state of the Rangers’ organization. I know my time is coming, but I just feel like my talents are being wasted in Frisco.

There’s supposed to be pretty severe weather today in Mississippi. If you live here, I hope you all stay safe in the midst of the “naders” as the folks back home call them.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this recap of last night’s game. It wasn’t real, it wasn’t fun, and it wasn’t real fun, but that’s baseball. Here’s to hoping for brighter days ahead.

The Rebels will play host to the Auburn Tigers this weekend on the diamond. Games will be broadcast on SEC Network +.