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Ole Miss National Signing Day 2021: Tracking Letter(s) of Intent and commitment(s) as they happen

And then there was one.

Welcome back to yet another year of fax machines and Boost Mobile flip phones.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! For the majority of Wednesday morning and afternoon, high school students will enrage the Twitter masses with the simple stroke of a ballpoint pen as they commit to their favorite athletic program (out of the goodness of their heart and love of the game, no doubt).

To help you sift through the insanity that is National Signing Day, we’ve set up this post to track who’s signing where and who’s still up for grabs. Due to there only being one remaining target on the board, this post is framed slightly different.

Signed in February

Announced today for the good guys.

Signed with Ole Miss during the early signing period

These guys are enrolled.

These guys are signed and will enroll this summer.

And this dude is a transfer portal.