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Ole Miss won Monday’s snow day party

Snow Rebs.

The Daily Mississippian

Winter storms have taken over most of the Midwest and Southeast, dumping snow and ice all over everything. School has been canceled, work has been postponed (for some), and roads are damn near undriveable for most.

But, that didn’t stop the Ole Miss students from getting out and enjoying the day yesterday.

Word got out that there was going to be a massive snowball fight in The Grove on Monday and the students did not disappoint, showing up in droves for some fun in the snow. There was apparently a concert on the stage, Oklahoma drills, and the classic battle with spheres of frozen precipitation.

Low man wins typically, but if all else fails, just suplex them.

Not quite sure what the thought process was here.

Also unsure.

“If I had my YETI, I would’ve plowed right through it, no problem, fam.”

Ah, fuck it, y’all get weird!

The engineering school at the University of Mississippi is no slouch, y’all.

Folks are out here working smart not hard when it comes to safe transportation.

Pro-tip: Golf courses make great sled hills.

Even the alumni are getting in on the action.

And running backs coach Kevin Smith and the kiddos are getting involved, too.


Fresh pow-pow on Van Buren, dudes.

This was always going to end poorly.

My man out there vibing, though.

Speaking of vibing.

Is there anything prettier than a snowy football stadium?

I mean, c’mon.

Not long after the festivities in The Grove, students made their way to Vaught-Hemingway Stadium for some fun on the gridiron.

But, UPD got word of what was going on and the fun was halted. Some elite scattering here, though.

But, before everyone had to bolt, some of the football players got a nice shot. Frame that one, fellas. Blow it up and hang it over the daggum mantle.

Alas, Oxford’s finest is out this morning working to get things serviceable for everyone to be able to return to a safe and navigable Oxford.

Stay safe and be smart out there folks.