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Ole Miss women’s basketball is up to something in Oxford

A 12-game winning streak seems good right?

Courtesy of Ole Miss Athletics

Remember all the way back to November 11 when the Ole Miss Women’s Basketball team opened the season with a loss to Belmont?

Ole Miss Coach Yo sure did not forget those that had something to say after one game:

Kevin responded with grace and wants the Rebs to prove him wrong. This next guy couldn't handle the ratio dished out by the head coach after her 12th straight victory, deleting his original tweet:

The Ole Miss Rebels haven’t lost since. Rattling off 12 straight wins and off to a 12-1 start, Coach Yo is cooking up something special in Oxford this year. She is just four wins away from her best season at Ole Miss and looking for the Rebels first NCAA Tourney berth since 2007 when they made the Elite 8 with Armintie Price in Coach Carol Ross’ final season at the helm.

Coach Yolett McPhee-McCuin is the fourth coach to attempt a return to the big dance and based on her recruiting and locker room culture, she is on pace to do just that.

A big win against No. 18 USF has Ole Miss all the way up to No. 37 in the NET rankings as they head into SEC play in prime position to make a statement. The Lady Rebs are currently the 8th highest ranked NET team in the conference and immediately have an opportunity to make a move against 10-3 Arkansas, ranked No. 25 NET.

Things don’t let up as they take on the best team in the country in South Carolina before getting a slight break with Florida before taking on good Tennessee and Alabama teams. You would think 4 conference wins should happen easily, but conference play is never easy. The target should be 8, to get to 20 wins before winning a few in the SEC Tournament.

Probable Losses

  • at South Carolina 1/2
  • at Texas A&M 1/20
  • vs Georgia 1/30
  • vs South Carolina 2/27

Probable Wins

  • at Florida 1/6
  • at Vanderbilt 2/20
  • at Auburn 2/24

Battles Ahead

  • vs Arkansas 12/30
  • vs Tennessee 1/9
  • vs Alabama 1/13
  • vs Texas A&M 1/16
  • vs MS State 1/16
  • at Kentucky 1/23
  • at Missouri 2/3
  • vs LSU 2/7
  • at MS State 2/13

Ole Miss has the advantage of having home court in 6 of the 9 toss up games ahead of them. They dodge a bullet, avoiding road trips to Knoxville and Tuscaloosa, giving this Rebel squad a real chance to finish at worst 8-8 in conference play, which would be their best finish that 2006-07 Elite Eight team.

I believe the ladies win the three they will be heavily favored, split with State, win on the road against Kentucky and Missouri while splitting Arkansas, UT, Bama and A&M and beating LSU. That would give them a record of 21-9 heading into the SEC tournament.

Rebel fans who love basketball and love winning basketball need to pay attention to what's happening for the ladies. Pack the Pavilion and help spur the women on to what could be a special season.

Conference play kicks off Thursday night at home, be there!