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Who will be the offensive coordinator at Ole Miss in 2022?

Our hot board may have a few surprises on it.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Mississippi Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

Ole Miss is on the market for a new offensive coordinator with the official departure of Jeff Lebby to Oklahoma, and there are hot boards going up all over the internet.

But, let’s be honest — the Lane Kiffin-led football program is quite a bit more tight-lipped than previous head coaches at Ole Miss, so the information about candidates has been a little more sparse than other prior searches.

So it’s likely when the news hits, it will come fast and furious in my opinion without a lot of hemming and hawing over the decision.

Now that being said, Rebel fans are talking incessantly about this topic as the program has become a destination for one of the best offenses in the country the past two years. It’s the Ole Miss brand now to have a high powered offensive attack, so this will be a hire definitely overanalyzed and scrutinized if I had to guess.

With that in mind, the Cup has compiled a list of offensive coordinator candidates for your debate and condemnation. This is in no way an official list from anyone within Ole Miss, just some fun names to throw out there. Cheers!

Tee Martin, Baltimore Ravens WR coach

There is a few staffers at the Cup who think this is the no-brainer choice out of this group. Martin played at Tennessee with Peyton Manning and won a national championship as a quarterback. He’s a noted recruiter and has worked with Kiffin previously, and now he has NFL experience on the resume.

Joe Brady, former LSU offensive coordinator

This guy is either a young genius who maybe got in a little over his head too quickly, or he benefited massively from a once in a decade quarterback at LSU. I think there would be huge expectations from Brady if he signed on to come coach at Ole Miss under Kiffin.

Graham Harrell, former USC offensive coordinator

He’s a Mike Leach coaching tree guy, and he had success turning around North Texas’ passing attack previously. The last few years at USC were not necessarily remarkable, but maybe under a new head coach, Harrell would start lighting up scoreboards again.

Robert Gillespie, Alabama RB coach

If you have a few gray hairs like ya boi OMTB, you remember Gillespie running the football for Florida back in the day. He has since built a pretty impressive coaching career and has ridiculous recruiting ability. It may be unlikely for him to leave Bama after only one season, but he’s a Mississippi native who might be ready to come home.

Willy Korn, co-OC/QB coach Coastal Carolina

He has been at CCU for five years, and he’s only 32 years old, which may mean he’s ready for the big jump. The Chanticleers offense averaged close to 500 yards per game this season with a 7.62 yards per play average.

Now, who would you want as the next OC at Ole Miss? Comment below or tweet @redcuprebellion with your scalding hot takes.