Is This hugh Freeze hate week? Or appreciation week?

Tomatoe, tomato

Tomato, Tomato

You either love hugh freeze, for bringing back our team into being relevant since eli left, or you hate him for leaving our team to a pile of poo-dump until lane came to save the day 5 years later.

man... idk what to think, i mean if hugh didn't leave us with a BOWL BAN then things would be different

do you know how much that bowl ban hurted recruiting?

"hey come to oxford, yes there is no chance in hell for a postseason BUT you can visit the grove" like wtf?

At least hugh made his mind


Btw pre-freeze We went 2-10 and had 0 conference wins

we was basically if 2019 arkansas and Vandy had a freak baby

my prediction:

OM-47 14-LIB

our offense is too watered down after sec play that we went to averaging 47 to averaging 20

but liberty lost to ULM, hugh will do the same thing kiffin did against Alabama

overthink. everything. We win blowout margin

Our uniforms:


Thier uniforms:


if we win:

best case: we move up 1 spot

worst case: nothing happens

if we lose:

best case: teams above lose out, nothing happens

worst case: were ranked in the low 20's

even though most alumni's in this forum are hugh stans, i think our Crowd will boo him out lol

its all weather the crowd favors "having a bad past before hugh" or "having a bad future after hugh"

personally i think 2 wins are better than "playing spoiler" and having no bowl eligibility for 6 years

Im done until later today




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