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Love it or hate it, Egg Bowl week is here

Winning is just fine, but losing is about as awful as it gets.

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

The 2021 installment of the Battle for the Golden Egg or Egg Bowl may be one of the more hyped versions in the last 20 years featuring two teams in the top 25 of the College Football Playoff rankings.

But for a lot of fans on either side of the aisle, this game seems to be full more of dread than excitement. Bragging rights for 365 days in the state of Mississippi or all the heartache of losing to an in-state rival is a proposition some just can’t really handle. And, look, if you don’t live within the state borders or close to it anymore, you know you don’t have to fully accept the outcome of this game like some of us do.

I absolutely love this game though, I’m a sick-o you might say, or I’m totally normal depending on your own proclivities. The hatred between the two schools has reached the “I don’t even care about them, they aren’t our real rival” level - that’s huge divorcee at a bar energy I can’t get enough of to be honest.

Now, I totally get this feeling. Ole Miss and State fans alike want to elevate its respective programs beyond this game and measure itself at a higher standard of an LSU or Alabama - an Egg Bowl with a sub .500 team or two sub .500 teams is just the pit of depression.

The Egg Bowl is one of the best rivalries in college football full stop. Much of the country will be tuning in on Thanksgiving evening to let the hatred of this in-state battle wash over their distended bellies and lull them into a deep sleep. For all of us though, we’ll be anxiously awaiting the outcome of a potential 10-win season for the Rebels or the agony of listening to thousands of cowbells ring as the postseason awaits.

I hate State. I know without a doubt if Ole Miss loses, there will be some kind of State paraphernalia at my front door Friday morning from a maroon and white friend. I’ll have to hear about it for an entire year if the Rebels can’t go into Starkville and come out with a win.

And honestly if Ole Miss does win, I almost never rub it in with my State co-workers and friends, because it’s supposed to happen that way. We’re the flagship and the big brother. Wave to them like Breeland Speaks on a fumble recovery and go about your day just like any other.

It’s damn Egg Bowl week. Cheers.