Thursday Thoughts

MAK moved out last weekend into an apartment with his buddy in the backwoods of Thaxton. It's been rough. I thought I'd actually be It's a black hole sucking the very life force out of my soul.


so if your babes are still in you house, treasure it all.

But...he DID come to visit last night (to get his early bday gifts). I got to see him for about 30 minutes which gave me some slight inspiration to a few questions to pass this rainy Thursday.

1. Who would be on your celebrity squad? Like who would you think you would be able to kick it with or that has similar personality traits that you would mesh well with? Or just a few celebrities you think are cool and would like to spend the day with?

2. What, as a child, was the one thing you looked forward to the most at Thanksgiving dinner?

3. What is your favorite part as an adult?

4. Last year was a hot mess because of Covid...are you having big plans this year?

5. Since it is fertball season, score predictions for this weekend?

6. and lastly, as a hat tip to my ever strange and way too brain dead kiddo, would you rather be rich and not allowed any human contact, ever or be broke but every relationship you had was genuine, unconditional and everlasting?

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.