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Here’s who we DO NOT want to see as the guest picker on College GameDay

Plenty of options for this one.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven’t heard or live under a rock, ESPN’s College Gameday is coming to Oxford this weekend, and many fans are anxiously awaiting its arrival.

One of the iconic moments of the weekly national college football pre-game show is the guest picker who is typically a celebrity or quasi-famous person with ties to the host university. In 2014 on Gameday’s first visit, world pop superstar Katy Perry lit Twitter ablaze with excitement with a corndog troll of LSU and associating herself with a rising Ole Miss program. The Rebels went on to stun Alabama 23-17 later in the day, and it was probably one of the greatest days in the history of an Ole Miss fan’s life.

With a pending announcement on who this actually will be, the Red Cup staff rounded up all the worst options.

Johnny Sins “The Porn Star from the Ole Miss heroes cup”

It’s hard to put this one in the no category. Last year, Ole Miss sent out a request for fans to send in stories and photos of their loved ones who served on the front lines during the pandemic. They wanted to feature these healthcare and first responder Ole Miss heroes on the 2020 souvenir cups.

Most entries were very normal and sweet, but someone sent in a photo of a porn star named Johnny Sins, who in one of his roles, dressed up as a doctor. It went viral and was a clearly embarrassing incident within the Ole Miss football program. Naturally, this would make an incredible Gameday guest pick, but in hindsight, not the greatest look.

Steve Robertson

Our favorite Mississippi poetry writer would be the perfect choice to showcase what makes Mississippi so great. No one would have a worse attitude about Ole Miss, but to be fair, he probably knows the most about them.



Hugh Freeze

Brother Hugh made his return last Saturday to Oxford and he reportedly received a very warm welcome. I feel like he would be the perfect pick for ESPN to run a feature on how he’s changed his life for the better, but it would be bad television when it came time to talk about Oxford and he bawled his eyes out to the media, again.

SEC Officiating Crew

Not just for Ole Miss games, but I would love to see a feature on these people to see how their brain works. Could be an interesting way to see which team they favor — HINT: ITS ALABAMA.

While fans eagerly await the announcement of the guest picker, there has been speculation from a return of Perry, a Morgan Freeman possibility, or Eli Manning — these are all fine though we hear Freeman is filming a movie in Germany right now.

But, hey, there’s airplanes and if the guy who has played God in movies wants to be there, he’s probably going to be there.

Most of the Red Cup staff just wants someone very famous whether they are associated with Ole Miss or not. Get as much mileage and attention out of this situation as possible. Jason Sudeikis? Meek Mill? Kendrick Lamar? Zombie Michael Jackson?

Sure, let’s see it happen.

Who are your best and worst ESPN College Gameday guest pickers?