Looking Down Upon Our 2022 Scedule

It just means more.


so i WAS gonna make a video on this but all my equipment didn't arrive (rip bozo)
so now i will just have to make a Wednesday article about this L of a schedule
i will name the teams by order


Sept. 3 Troy
At least its not a neutral site, And lane can finally beat a alabama team for the first time!
Sept. 10 Central Arkansas
Fcs team. At least atmyter can start, don't see why not
Sept. 17 at Georgia Tech
This will be another beatdown/able to play altmyer game
Sept. 24 Tulsa
This game will probably be close for no reason
Oct. 1 Kentucky
We will win so that it dosent look close, but dosent look like a blowout, like 40-28 kinda ordeal
Oct. 8 at Vanderbilt
Were ranked top 5 at this point
Oct. 15 Auburn
This is a home game so we will probably barely win
Oct. 22 at Lsu
Can't predict a outcome against a team with no coach so we win i guess?
Oct. 29 at Texas A&M
This MIGHT be out first loss, it depends what the dog is doin
Nov. 5 Open Date
A bye week before the cfp poll, sweet
Nov. 12 Alabama
If we get injured like this year by this moment in the season we lose.
Nov. 19 at Arkansas
Struggle win
win by blowout margin

*the only reason im saying start altmyer like this is because plumlee exist, but altmyer will probably still be our qb anyway

Best Case Scenario: 11-1

worst case Scenario: 8-4

This schedule is easy as hell until the very end


i dont know what the sec was thinking

ill take it though.

UPDATE: for some reason there is a whole damn debate about "baldwin" and "rust". Idfk how that even started. Just beware of the paragraphs!

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