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We asked and you delivered. Here are some of the best Ole Miss football 4th quarter hype song submissions

Throw it up, Mississippi!!!!!

NCAA Football: Tulane at Mississippi Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve been to any other college football game other than the Rebs lately, then you know that the music kind of sucks at Vaught Hemingway.

Ole Miss has been based around tradition and pleasing the older generation, and it’s time to change that. So far this year, things have gotten better. Prior to kickoff, Ole Miss only plays loud rap music while the recruits and players are on the field warming up. It’s genius and has shown that at least they are capable of doing something different.

There is a DJ in the student section now, and all of a sudden, the students are actually staying for the entire game. One of my proudest moments was when it was pouring down and there was a pretty good showing of students who stayed in the rain and danced the entire time with the DJ.

There are a lot of changes happening within the program, but one that needs to happen immediately is the fourth quarter song. Teams all over the country have signature songs that everyone can get behind to not only excite the team but also keep the fans inside of the stadium.

I think there are a few factors that determine what would make a fourth-quarter song fantastic. It has to be a song that most people know, has that “hype” factor, and you have to be able to dance to it. Traditions have to start somewhere, and it’s time that Ole Miss gets one of their own. (Don’t suggest “Dixie” because that meets zero of the requirements and is also very weird)

RCR took to Twitter to ask you all your best suggestions:

Staff Picks

Zach Berry

One Man to Beat

Ruby Draayer

Two Yards

Will Gates

Michael Borkey

Gray Hardison

Keith Carter, if you’re reading this. Give us a tradition. We promise we won’t disappoint!