Monday with Monte's Kid

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Ehhh...... if this beat down snuck up on you, you weren't paying attention.

Bama is still Bama with ALL DA 'CROOTS!!!!!!

We still need to recruit better and get those players time on the field. We are about 2 years away from that.

Let's look at Hugh Freeze.

Houston Nutt recruited pretty good his last year.

Freeze's first class was full of contributors.

His second class was top-loaded with studs.

We had one of the top defenses in the country full of seasoned players and young stars on offense.... plus Channing Ward on special teams out there killing motherfuckers.

You live by the 4th down conversion, you die by the 4th down conversion....... and we don't have the defense to cover any fuck-ups on offense.

I agree with Kiffin's game plan.

It was designed to keep our offense on the field as long as possible to cover for our lack of defense.

Kiffin bet the house. Bama took that shit..... and threw the kitchen sink at us.

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