Mississippi state beats the Life, Soul, And will to live out of Kentucky. Meanwhile Lane Kiffin loses to auburn

Ok alumni's we don't want to hear it right now


Since I'm scared about lane slipping up on a game we should win (Not saying we should've easily won stfu). / Corral actually getting hurt corral's safety.

Ill do these recaps so theres a specific thread about these postgame's now that isn't made on Monday/already has 200 comments. Also i like typing sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


20-31 AUB

Lets talk about this fuckshit.

Lane is 0-4 against Alabama schools here btw

Not saying that we should've won this game but when 3, 50+ yard drives go to waste (2 of them were because fo 4th down "analytics") it ain't ideal. Its not like bo played out of his mind, he was basically matt corral this game without the interception

is #2 hiesman hopes up? Well basically yes until bryce young becomes ass ngl, stestion bennet would've been in new York if he played for bama this year. What really sold us was Penalties, Worthless Drives, and the stupid ass 4th downs

not saying to fire the man (please don't), or take 3 ALL THE TIME, but when your 1-4 on 4th downs, just take the damn 3.

At the end of the day we lost, a L is a L. would say we are winning out, but our schedule lookin harder and harder every week, just look at-


These mfs won 17-31



didint watch this because its Mississippi state, I thought they would lose 50-8

but NOPE first they beat TAMU then beat KU.

is Kentucky the new Arkansas???

All i know is that Memphis is SEC East Champs

Uga ain't got nun on Memphis brah.

How to sell a game in 2 minutes:

New_Drawing_5.0.pngGreat... now its gonna be BAMA V UGA PART12, booooooooooooooo

if it wasn't for the whole damn Florida gators Athletics Going to sleep like they aren't facing the #1 team in the country like bruh. FAU would never.

and for the rest of the game the only thing dan mullet can do was score 7 points

the first half was so boring i cooked lunch


And yes i added a sausage and honey to a grilled cheese, i was THAT bored

i will never understand people that like defenses making 3 and outs, rather than a shoot out. Cant be me,

would rather watch vandy vs mizzou WHICH I DID (but more of that later).

but when i checked the score while i watched fucking MAC games on cbs the fuckery known as Georgia began

like i dont get it, in every UGA game in the 1st quarter its like "3-0" or "0-0" but in the second quarter/half, All. Hell. Breaks. Loose.

24 points in a span of 2 minutes. HUH? AYO CHAT WTH.

i hate watching uga games, because their never primetime, and this. WHY DOES THIS UGA OFFENSE GO ON RANDOM SCORING SPURTS LOL. But enough fuckery..... in the sec at least ...


MSU 37- 33 MICH: Why does the AP want Michigan to be a playoff team so bad?

MIA 38 - 34 PITT: Can someone tell pitt fans to take a L like a man and that they shouldn't even be in this game. Wake forest is the best team in a power 5 conference. Let that sink in

SMU 37- 44 HOU: Guess we found our AAC championship game already.


BG 56-44 BUF - Bowling green won with no head coach, MAC vibez

MIZ 37-28 VAN - Mizzou fell off without falling off

hugh freeze hate Appreciation week is amoung us.....



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