Auburn Referee Homecoming Pregame show

A open thread before the actual open thread


We are all scared

So, like i said in the USF vs ECU thread. I. Am. Afraid. But so is every other ole miss fan with a nice blend of hope, and rat poison in thier mindset. (Witch most rebel fans dont.) most of them are just waiting for that one loss back to irrelevancy, a slip up. This is probably the closest thing to that slip up.

My Prediction:We Win 32-29 and all rebs fans can rejoice in "running the table" predictions not seeming like a hot take and seeming like reality.


Matty ice


best case, we blow them out and the CFB Committee keeps us in the top 10

worst case, we pull a Ole Miss vs. Tennessee and do nothing noticeable, just a struggle win, and now every fan is afraid of liberty for some reason


Best case, we stay in the top 25 and barley lose

worst case, irrelevancy. We get blown out. And 100 year old ole miss alumni's saying "i told you so"

Game of the week?

UGA vs FLA: UGA's last chance for UGA to sell the division

notable events: Auburn barely beat gorgea state and ive never seen a change in auburn since (besides the refs)

Alabama has a bye week, so no sec west takeover

Mississippi state plays against a team that held uga's offense to 14 points for basically 2 quarters AUTO L

Game Times: OLM v AUB: 6pm CST

Channel: ESPN

Ironic events: Halloween is after this game


enjoy this open thread before the actual open thread get flooded with bots

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