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We compiled a wish list for Ole Miss football’s new west side at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium

Don’t we deserve all the nice things of this world?!

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Mississippi Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Rest in pieces, West Side of Vaught Hemingway Stadium, your time has finally come.

During a podcast with Brad Logan, athletic director Keith Carter discussed the long term plan of demolishing and completely replacing the west side of the Ole Miss football stadium, which is expected to cost approximately $250 million. Chump change tbh.

Of course construction materials have seen some crazy increases in cost, so the project could end up going higher than that, however this is one of the most ambitious upgrades to the stadium since the south end zone in my opinion. Yes, adding the north end zone pie pieces and making it look decent was great, but this is far overdue and needed badly.

So that being said, the staff here at Red Cup pulled together our own personal wish list for the eventual new west side of VHS. Since blogs are infamously very poor, we can pledge $5-10 toward the realization of any of these immediately.

  • Skywalk to the Pavilion so we can get Raisin’ Canes or really any good food period
  • Cushion backed seats
  • Enclose the stadium completely like the Las Vegas Raiders
  • Field Club underneath like Mercedes Benz in Atlanta
  • Back of every seat has an iPad so it’s more convenient than ever to tweet about the defense
  • Teleportation devices to and from the Square, so I can grab a Funky’s cocktail during a timeout (skinny b*tch plz)
  • Virtual reality center where you can immediately jump into a replay and show what the Rebels SHOULD have done and fail really damn miserably
  • Clone John Currence a few times and have him run multiple restaurants in lieu of concession stands
  • Replace the big, monster water buckets with barrels of Woodford Reserve for each game
  • Tear out the old grass playing surface and replace it with an interactive 4K LED screen where you can get bonus points for big plays like Space Jam 2

Mind you, these are just a few starting points - no pressure to get them done in 12 months or anything Keith.

This truly is huge news in the facilities realm for Ole Miss, however. It has been somewhat of a rumor or implied promise of news coming soon, so it could just be one part of a much larger campaign for facilities in the future.

Keep it locked on Red Cup for more news, cheers!