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Ole Miss basketball’s new powder blue look is incredibly NSFW

Talmbout unis!

I am a uniform fanatic. Some of you may not know this. Others may. Now you all do. I love talking about uniforms.

In most cases, I’m a traditionalist. A clean, classic look is hard to beat imo, and Ole Miss usually abides by that rule. Most of the time, however, when the Rebs decide to break out an alternate look, they do it right. That was the case on Wednesday night in the BasketRebs’ home SEC opener against Auburn.

Ole Miss basketball went through somewhat of a uniform rebrand this season, and that rebrand is very solid imo. Last season, Ole Miss wore a powder blue uniform and a gray uniform featuring the script M logo on the front of the jersey. I enjoy the script M on the shorts or as an alternate logo, but as a standalone look on a jersey, I was not a fan. They remedied that this year with this updated powder blue look.

Now, the powder blue jersey features the hallmark “Ole Miss” script like the other three jerseys, and it’s solid.

Here’s some shots from Wednesday’s game against Auburn where the uniforms got their first taste of action in The Pavilion.

According to my friend Randy Morgan over at @OleMissUnis (who you should follow on the Twittersphere, by the way), Ole Miss has ditched the gray threads altogether, so there should be no script M jerseys this season. Here’s a look at a tweet from Ole Miss Unis that breaks down where the Rebs’ basketball threads stand to this point in 2021.

You’ll notice that Randy has heard rumblings of a throwback uniform in the works for Ole Miss basketball, and for that, I am *excited*. These four uniform options along with a throwback give Ole Miss one of the best looks on the hardwood in the SEC, and definitely the best look we’ve seen from the Rebs in years. It’s hard to mess up Ole Miss’ logos and color scheme, but they’ve knocked it out of the park so far this year.

Here’s a look at some of the up close details of the powder blue unis that mirror the details of the other three uniform sets.

You’ll notice that the front of the “belt” on the shorts features a gold circular thingy (this is a technical design term) with the script M in the center. This is supposedly supposed to be symbolic of the historic circle at the center of the Ole Miss campus. Pretty nice touch, and I like that it’s gold. It’s subtle yet adds a nice touch. The other three uniforms have this detail as well.

Anyway, it’s cool that Ole Miss did a good thing by revitalizing its powder blue look this season, and it’s a uniform set we could see both at home and on the road. I look forward to seeing it in action more as the season progresses.