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Here’s what Matt Corral’s white board from the Outback Bowl should say

Our Californian king has some special messages for you all.

Matt Anthony Corral is the quarterback for the Ole Miss Rebels, is probably better at football than you and is a viral meme on the internet.

After his MVP-earning performance in the Outback Bowl (from which stemmed FREE BLOOMIN’ ONION for all) Matt held up a white board that read “COME TO THE SIP” to entice young croots to come put their talents on display at the University of Mississippi.

As is the case when white boards are involved, people took to the Twittersphere to put their novice photoshop skills to the test to make our Californian quarterback son promote certain messages on the board, prompting Ole Miss football’s Twitter account to make a game out of it.

Since we here at Red Cup are the premier source for Ole Miss news and other related fun, we decided to participate in this endeavor. Here’s what we came up with.

The Creation (of Ole Miss)

Tony the Landshark deserves some street cred

Matt Loves John Rhys Plumlee

Matt and JRP had a special connection that helped lead Ole Miss to its Outback Bowl win on Saturday, so it’s only fitting that Plumlee continue his role in the slot at Ole Miss for the foreseeable future.

Also, Plumlee both sings and plays the piano. Wheel out the ivories onto Hollingsworth Field and let Plumlee go ham while in full pads before a game. Who says no?

Let’s help the basketball team, shall we?

Ole Miss basketball hasn’t looked great in its last few outings. Who can help them more than our piano and slot-playing son?

Some moments of truth...

The Pride of the South

Let the band play Dixie? Let the band play Neck? No, let the band play...

S/O to Zach Berry

A look back at history

Some v good tweets

And, finally, a sponsorship proposition.