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Ole Miss basketball to debut throwback threads for matchup against Texas A&M

Let’s reminisce, shall we?

Ole Miss Athletics

Ole Miss is hoping to go 2-0 against maroon-and-white-donning SEC teams this weekend when it hosts Texas A&M on the hardwood, and it will be doing so in some nostalgic threads.

Rebel basketball released the uniforms on Twitter on Thursday, and they are a callback to some strong times in the Ole Miss program. Take a look.

Ole Miss made the Sweet 16 in these uniforms. Gerald Glass wore these uniforms. The Tad Pad was rocking when these uniforms were on the court. They’re slick, clean, got that mad drip and every other good adjective the kids are saying these days.

Thanks to my good friend, Randy Morgan, at @OleMissUnis on Twitter, I knew coming into the season these uniforms were going to happen, and Randy gave me a heads up coming into the week that they were going to debut on Saturday. Journalism!

Again, side note: if you’re into uniforms and Ole Miss, Randy’s account is a good follow. He’s on top of things over there.

Back to these threads: they’re sweet. I wasn’t alive for most of their history, but I grew up seeing pictures of players in these unis and associating them with a good time in Ole Miss basketball history. I’m sure the A&M game was the date set aside to debut these for a while, but it comes at a good time since the Rebels put together their best game of the season so far on Tuesday in Starkville, knocking off State 64-46.

The old adage “look good, feel good, play good,” has even more power after a big road win, and if Ole Miss wants to propel itself back into the postseason discussion, breaking out these fresh uniforms (which are undoubtedly laced magical power and mysticism) to keep the ball rolling is a good move.

You can catch the Rebs in action at The Pavilion on Saturday at 2:30pm CST or watch the game on SEC Network.

So what do you think of the throwback uniforms? What memories do you have from this bygone era? Comment below or tweet @redcuprebellion with your thoughts.