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THE SEASON: No Context, Part II

The screenshots from our favorite Ole Miss-produced show are back and still lacking context.

After exploring the no context space 11 years ago back in October of 2020, the second version makes its appearance, which features the last four games of the regular season and the Outback Bowl win over Indiana. If you’ve forgotten what’s going on with this and are too lazy to click that link (I respect it because we all have things to do), here’s a quick refresher for you.

There are multiple Twitter accounts that focus on a TV show, movie, or [insert piece of media here], and only tweet screenshots, with subtitles, of moments from the show, movie, or whatever.

For example, I follow a version of this gimmick dedicated to The Good Place, which delivers things like this to the world.

As I said last time, very little thinking required and can occasionally generate a good laugh, which is what we want out of the drone-like scrolling through Twitter dot com.

To conduct the second Ole Miss version of this concept, I fired up the YouTube, went to this page for all the videos, turned on subtitles, pressed Shift + Command + 4 when I saw something I liked, and took a screenshot.

With that, enjoy The Season: No Context, Part II.