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Fan cutouts we’d like to see in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium on Saturday

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Ole Miss offered fans the chance to have their own cutout, so let’s explore the space of where we can go with these.

Gray Hardison-Red Cup Rebellion

In the unrelenting quest to find revenue streams in a time of not revenue, Ole Miss joined the legions of sports teams around the world in giving its fans the opportunity to pay for a cardboard cutout of themselves or image of choice to be placed in a stadium.

For $55, Ole Miss fans could create their own cutout, which will be printed and set up in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium or the women’s soccer or softball stadiums for the duration of each sports’ season. Unfortunately for those who have a good idea for a cutout now, the deadline to submit has passed because printing and logistics need room to breathe.

For the people who did pay attention to deadlines, it’s my hope we get to see as many of their cutouts on TV as possible Saturday, so we can judge accordingly. Someone submitting a picture of themselves is perfectly fine and good, but I’m interested to see if people decided to explore the space and try something different.

We at Red Cup Rebellion did not unload monies from our vast coffers to buy multiple cutouts because, again, paying attention to deadlines is important. Also, as a media conglomerate, we are only allowed to spend money on advancing the GOT DANG LIBERAL AGENDA.

However, if we had been more focused, I put together some options for fan cutouts we would’ve considered. We hope to see similar cutouts during the Florida game, assuming the powers that be are not 400 percent HARRUMPH.

For real, if someone didn’t do that Tennessee fan from a few years ago, we riot.