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Ole Miss players and recruits react to new powder blue uniform reveal

All the winter themed emojis.

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Ole Miss fans scrolling social media Wednesday night undoubtedly saw the huge announcement - powder blue uniforms for the football team will be worn in the season opener against the Florida Gators.

It’s a huge announcement, because powder blue has its historic origins back to teams in the 80’s and 90’s who donned helmets that weren’t the traditional “Yale navy blue” associated with Ole Miss. There has been a resurgence in the last decade, however, of more and more powder blue thrown into coach’s apparel, then into the hottest college baseball uniform on the planet, and then into the basketball program.

Powder blue... it’s so hot right now. Yes, a ‘Zoolander’ reference in the year of our Lord 2020, you’re here for it.

Now for yaboi One Man to Beat, this is some pretty exciting news, but moreso because it means football is almost here not so much I’m stoked about the uniforms.

And, honestly, the Rebels can wear white, red, blue, powder blue, camouflage, whatever - I’m going to watch and support the team regardless. I mostly care if the players and high school recruits are excited about throwing on the uniform, playing good and looking good.

Here were some of the reactions from current players last night after the announcement dropped on Twitter:

Now, I’m a dad teetering faster and faster to the age of 40, so quick explain for those in my group or older - the snowflakes here are not a negative thing but like a “wow that’s cold/cool” thumbs up kind of thing. This will be a theme.

Even head coach Lane Kiffin took time out of his busy schedule to tweet out a few emojis to his hundreds of thousands adoring fans and rabid haters.

So, yeah, the team is clearly excited about the opportunity to be the first to wear a new uniform, sport the powder blue, and hit the field for the season opener against the Gators. Not super surprising to see because they are Ole Miss Rebels and SHOULD be excited about these things.

What’s more important to me is to have high end high school recruits dropping in and giving some attention to the latest news.

Obviously, a new uniform isn’t a deciding factor for probably any high school recruit, especially those at the highest level, but it sure doesn’t hurt to show Ole Miss’ program is staying relevant to what players want.

So what’s your take on the latest uniform drop? Love it, hate it, don’t care? Drop a comment or tweet @redcuprebellion with your scorching hot takes.