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Latest survey predicts 2020 season will be canceled or postponed, favors players union

It’s pretty obvious changes are here.

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In just a few hours, the entire college football world was turned on its head. News broke that the Big Ten would be canceling their fall schedule, quickly followed by players announcing plans to form a football players association.

As the rest of the Power Five conferences try and figure out their plans, fans were asked what they think will happen to the 2020 season. According to SB Nation’s Reacts results, more than 80 percent of fans think the entire college football season will be canceled or postponed.

Whether they are related or not, players continue their push to create some form of a union. Roughly two-thirds of fans said they would support a college football players association, although some would only do so if it meant games were played this season.

Clearly, it’s obvious the college football season will not go ahead as normal in the vast majority. Most conferences are canceling or postponing the start of its seasons.

The more interesting poll in The Cup’s opinion is about a player’s association.

These polls show the fans ultimately have some amount of conscience for the players they enjoy watching week in and week out. Fans are seeing the eight figure TV contracts for respective schools and want players to have some amount of financial or safety protections if not both. Fans’ opinions are seemingly OK with the idea of a college players association to represent these wants and needs.

It is incredibly easy to sit back and say the players are entitled, and they are already given an education, room and board, and top notch medical care. The players have a staff of professionals who care about their success as well, which individual students most likely do not have in their corner. There were plenty of 8 and 9 a.m. (hell, lets be honest 10 a.m. too) classes that ya boi One Man To Beat skipped while at Ole Miss, and it absolutely would not have been OK had I been an Ole Miss athlete. This amount of added accountability is a privilege though the players have earned it through their hard work and God-given talent.

Ultimately, opinions most likely will be swayed by what kind of dollar figure is awarded to the players. A $1,000 or $2,000 monthly stipend per player would be met with a lot less push back than say a 50-50 revenue split from the conferences, schools and players. There’s always a gray area in negotiations, and it makes sense the players should start with a huge ask and finally settle for less. Because, hey, it’s more than they’re getting now.

So where do you land on the idea of essentially college football players forming a union to get a whack at the massive money pinata conferences have stuffed for years? Comment below or tweet @redcuprebellion with your scorching hot takes.

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