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What could the Ole Miss football schedule look like this fall?

No matter what they’ll take them one game at a time.

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Mississippi Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Ole Miss could face a conference-only schedule this fall, eliminating four non-conference opponents and adding two SEC foes, according to the most recent reporting out of Birmingham.

The Rebels taking on a 10-game SEC only schedule sounds extremely daunting in the first year of the Lane Kiffin era. Ole Miss only won two SEC games last season over struggling Vanderbilt and dumpster fire Arkansas. Plus, there is the possibility of Georgia or Florida or both top 25 squads being added to an already difficult 8-game SEC slate for the 2020 season.

Undoubtedly, thoughts of dread are filling Ole Miss fans’ heads collectively at the idea of having a two or three win season after so much excitement from the Kiffin announcement. How could a season that looked like a 6-6 possibility get derailed into a 2-8 nightmare? Well, maybe it won’t, because the Cup is submitting these schedule plans to the SEC as options to help with the decision making process.

Option 1: Ten Egg Bowls

Let’s be honest here - this may not be what the fans of these two schools want, but it’s what America wants. The Egg Bowl is the family reunion where everyone comes to blows over a contested will from 40 years ago and the country wants to watch its least accomplished state in-fight in all of its redneck glory. Give the masses what they want, shatter ratings, doggy pee in end zones.


Oh... we got you covered.

  1. Oxford duh
  2. The Rock in Hattiesburg
  3. Starkville High School (the best stadium in the city tbh)
  4. In front of Graceland Too (RIP)
  5. Inside the Beau Rivage, just move a few hold ‘em tables and a Wheel of Fortune slot machine and have at it
  6. Yazoo City where half the field is on the side of the hill leading to the delta and the other half is in the Delta
  7. MSU’s band practice field, because it is so nice
  8. Ole Miss’ band practice field in the rain and the game is played in four feet of mud (BUY A DAMN SHIRT ALREADY AND SUPPORT THE BAND)
  9. On the Bogue Chitto, people navigating canoes and floating coolers ‘n’ shit, not sure how that would work but let’s try it
  10. Drop a pin in the Delta on the hottest, shittiest day of the year, find a random soybean field nearby and leggo

Option 2: Charter SEC only/Geography matters

There was a time long ago when the SEC was all about focusing on the region more so than TV markets. Yes, it was essentially the days when states in the Deep South had two universities in the SEC (Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee) plus Florida and Kentucky. Also, Sewanee was included, but we’re not including them for this exercise.

Let’s hearken back to the charter member days and play this schedule while also kicking out “newcomers” Arkansas, South Carolina, Texas A&M and Missouri.

Week 1: Tulane

Week 2: at Georgia Tech

Week 3: at Vanderbilt

Week 4: Kentucky

Week 5: at Auburn

Week 6: Alabama

Week 7: at LSU

Week 8: at Tennessee

Week 9: Florida

Week 10: Miss. St.

Option 3: More likely dream scenario

OK, the other two may not happen because of politics, so here’s what we can hope to see this fall come football season (fingers crossed, knock on wood, etc).

Week 1: Miss. St.

Week 2: at Vanderbilt

Week 3: at Arkansas

Week 4: Alabama

Week 5: Auburn

Week 6: at Texas A&M

Week 7: at Kentucky

Week 8: Florida

Week 9: South Carolina

Week 10: at LSU

So there you have it - who knows what is going to end up happening this upcoming season in terms of scheduling, but the Cup is here for it. What would you set up as a dream season schedule for the Rebels this year? Comment or tweet @RedCupRebellion with what we got wrong, right, and what you’d change.