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The Cup lands five-star sports blogger Ruby Draayer

Tik Tok ain’t ready.

Josh McCoy-Ole Miss Athletics

Hey everyone, Hotty Toddy!

My name is Ruby Draayer, and I am the newest contributor for Red Cup Rebellion. I am so excited to get to do my two favorite things - write and talk about Ole Miss athletics.

I grew up in Las Vegas, and until 3 years ago, there were no professional sports teams there. With a lack of local sports, I traveled far and wide to different sporting events around the world. From Paris to Mexico to South Africa, I found quickly I loved most to be back in America watching football. I became my dad’s “favorite son,” despite being from a family of only girls. I knew everything about my favorite teams and would argue with any adult, and I was usually right.

I had a strict pre-teen wardrobe of jerseys, jorts, and slicked back ponytails. Girls were playing with barbies, and I was having boxing matches in my front yard.

(Not much has changed. Now girls focus on sororities, and all I can think about is recruiting the next Laremy Tunsil.)

I quickly developed the nickname of Robby from my parents, and about that time I figured out what I wanted to do with my life. I was going to be the first girl in the NFL or a sideline reporter.

I’m 5-foot-2, so I will let you guess which one I ended up choosing.

Despite growing up out West, I identify as a Southerner. I have always been obsessed with the culture, food, magnolia trees, and sports; just not the weather. My high school football team lost three out of four homecoming games during my time there, so I have always dreamed of a small town getting together to go watch the high school football game. *Cue the Friday Night Lights theme song*

In a way, Ole Miss brings that same type of atmosphere. Everyone knows each other, and even if they don’t, they’re going to invite you into their tent to eat a 10-course meal in the Grove. It’s the Southern way. There is nothing better than everyone dressed in Sunday best, color-coordinated, heading to the game to Lock the Vaught. I was hooked, and it only took one game.

Ole Miss is boujee, traditional, and my favorite place in the world. Here’s to a 2020 football season, and maybe even a bowl game…

I can’t wait to get started here at the Cup, and I hope we’ll be in Funky’s singing “F*** State, and LSU, and Tennessee too” real soon.

- Ruby

Twitter: @rubydraay

Instagram: @rubydraay