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We deciphered Matt Corral and Grant Tisdale’s closely-timed tweets from over the weekend

Detective Cup is on the case!

Grayson Weir

It has yet to be seen which Ole Miss quarterback Lane Kiffin will tap to start for the Rebels in 2020, but the first-year head coach inherits a stacked depth chart of three uniquely talented athletes who are chomping at the bit.

Grant Tisdale and Matt Corral both were on the sidelines for most of 2019 after John Rhys Plumlee took the starting job and ran away with it. Tisdale hit the transfer portal mid-year but returned when Kiffin was announced and whispers surrounded Corral, hinting that he may not have been far behind. Both guys supported their teammates and remained dignified, but now that the season approaches— it’s go time.

On Sunday night, both No. 14 and No. 2 tweeted out vague, inexplicit thoughts. Corral posted at 5:58 p.m. and Tisdale’s came eight minutes later. Notice neither has a profile picture.

Are the tweets related? What do they mean? We’re on the case.

Corral’s tweet is 27 characters. The number 27 is oriented to spirituality and combines creative capacity and a strong imagination. This intersection creates an interest in the unknown. As a composite number, the number 27’s root is 9. 9 refers to love, faith, spiritual enlightenment, and awakening. When you factor in these two ideas, it would seem that Corral is bringing positive vibrations to something of uncertainty.

This could include his status at quarterback or reach to a broader theme of the times in which we live. Corral has knowledge of something brewing throughout the NCAA and it is soon that he will retire from football to become an ESPN insider. SPORTS ARE BACK BABY!!

Or, maybe he has opened his third eye, allowing him to know more than the normal person. When one opens the third eye, it gives the ability to communicate telepathically and gives clairvoyance. It is only logical to assume that Corral can now read minds and will know the defense’s intentions before the play begins. He will never throw an incompletion again.

Hopefully he is not actually hanging out with the Nkemdiche brothers and his tweet comes from a more logical place.

Proceeding with the notion that Corral has not lost his mind, he can only be talking about one thing— NASA’s 2020 Mars Exploration mission. The Perseverance Rover is planned to launch for the fourth planet from the sun on July 17th and will touch down on the Jezero crater in February. While there, the Rover will investigate the surface the habitability of the planet and search for signs of previous life. This would include the presence of water, or a like substance. Corral must believe water on Mars is a realistic idea, and it will be known.

Should he not be discussing Mars, it is simply a mind game. The SoCal kid tweeted this to trick us all. Soon we will find out that the thing to be known is actually that there is nothing to be known and it’s just a big prank. ¡You cannot out-smart me, Corral!

Eight minutes later came an equally as unclear post and it would appear that the Ole Miss quarterback room is full of geniuses. Tisdale is referring to the economy and its ability for resurgence while it is headed for recession during a pandemic.

Well, Mr. Brown, you haven’t met Grant. He is not playing the nice guy role and Wall Street will return to a bull market shortly. Don’t doubt him.

Perhaps he is referring to a budding career as a Tik Tok influencer. In one of the most popular viral challenges on the internet, a Drake lyric plays “I just flipped a switch” as two people are seen dancing in the mirror. When the switch flips, they have swapped clothes.

Tisdale is retiring from football, joining an ‘influencer house’ and becoming a Tik Tok star. You heard it here first. Please credit.

If he is not talking business and economics or the latest internet craze, he is quite literally talking about a switch. As in a light switch. He is turning on off the lights and thought the world should know that he is turning on or off the lights. Yep, that’s it.

Corral was letting us know that it would be known very soon that Tisdale turned his lights either on or off. Nailed it.