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Ole Miss Power Rankings: Rebel uniforms edition

Did you favorite make the list?

Ole Miss Athletics

Harvard Crimson and Yale Blue are two beautiful colors that make up Ole Miss’ primary color scheme. The Ivy League hue harmonizes together to create a palate of stunning simplicity for on-field uniform designs. When Nike and the university’s athletic program agreed to a 12-year contract extension in 2015, it guaranteed that the Rebels would never get caught dead in over-zealous Adidas clown costumes, and returned the creative keys back to the world’s best uniform composer.

Ole Miss has never strayed too far from the norm when it comes to on-field attire, but continues to make a classic look fresh, innovative and downright sexy. I took the time to compile the best combinations across the entire athletic department and rank them 1-10.

No. 10 — Ole Miss Women’s Golf — Swingin’ Stripes

Josh McCoy - Ole Miss Athletics

The Rebel women grip ‘em, rip ‘em and look good doing it. The bold navy and white stripes are the perfect way of tying in some flavor without going full Rickie Fowler on the links. The bag plays nicely into the color scheme and the visor gives it that splash of red it would otherwise be lacking. It’s subtle, but confident.

No. 9 — Ole Miss Soccer — Peppermint Red Kits

Josh McCoy - Ole Miss Athletics

Soccer is one of the sports where ingenuity and modernism is encouraged in a uniform. This kit is the perfect example of Nike stepping outside of the box without overdoing it.

No. 8 — Ole Miss Men’s Basketball — Red, White and Blue

Ole Miss Athletics

When the basketball team redesigned its uniforms a few years back, I was thrilled. These red sets are a great use of space, color and design. My favorite part of this set is how the jersey and the shorts seamlessly flow together with the blue and white stripes down the side.

The key here is to make the dividing stripes bold enough to break up the large amounts of red, but not overly-flashy to where it takes away from the simplicity.

No. 7 — Ole Miss Baseball — Classic Whites

Ole Miss Athletics

Likely the most underutilized jerseys in Ole Miss’ repertoire, the simple white uniforms are the definition of classic. It looks like these threads could fit right in standing next to the Cincinnati Red Stockings (America’s first baseball team) or in 200 years when games are played on Mars. They will never go out of style.

No. 6 — Ole Miss Softball — Powder Blue Pins

Josh McCoy - Ole Miss Athletics

Nike kills it again with these Sunday softball ‘fits. They’re loud, but refined. The navy on the shoulders breaks up the pinstripes just enough to where it isn’t overkill, and the red accents tie the color scheme together. Let’s also take note of the socks... They’re awesome.

And the script M that lets the design talk? *chefs kiss*

No. 5 — Ole Miss Football — Stormtrooper Whites

Thomas B. Shea - USA TODAY Sports

When this look leaked before the 2018 season opener against Texas Tech, there was a lot of back and forth from the fans as to whether they liked it or not. Recent graduates, current college students and rising recruits were on one side, while the angry elder folk stood firm on the other. Can you guess who supported the icy drip? The all-white stormtroopers are simple enough to avoid doing too much, but different enough to pop with style.

No. 4 — Ole Miss Men’s Basketball — Crispy Whites

Ole Miss Athletics

Sticking with the all-white theme, the hardwood Rebels rock a similar look but do just ever-so-slightly more with it. The shoulder and neck accents keep the jersey from washing out, and the blue outline to the logo and numbers make it bold and confident. It’s all in the little details with this one.

No. 3 — Ole Miss Softball — The White Stripes

Josh McCoy - Ole Miss Athletics

Softball graces this list with another example of adding a simple touch to something that has been done well for years. The script Rebels is not something that typically graces Ole Miss uniforms throughout the years, but has its moment to shine here outlined in navy, in contrast to the thin red stripes. It takes the uniform to the next level. Shoutout to Ava Tillmann for knowing to rock the navy undershirt to bring the look to its peak performance.

Oh, and the socks super old school and super fly.

Josh McCoy - Ole Miss Athletics

Motion to make stirrups mandatory in all bat-and-ball sports. All those in favor?

No. 2 — Ole Miss Football — Big Game Bangers

Josh McCoy - Ole Miss Athletics

This uniform combination begins and ends with the most beautiful helmets in all of college football. Whether you are a fan of the numbers on the side (I am, clearly) or not, the powder blue noggin’ protectors are absolutely stunning. It’s a call back to the days of Archie and Chucky, while also providing a minor modern touch-up.

The way they look down the line of scrimmage is something to be displayed in the Louvre. In this instance, it helps that LSU’s purple and gold provides the perfect contract, making for the best one-on-one uniform matchup in the NCAA.

Josh McCoy - Ole Miss Athletics

When you put the entire uniform together, from top to bottom, the finished product is

Josh McCoy - Ole Miss Athletics

No. 1 — Ole Miss Baseball — THE Powder Blues

Josh McCoy - Ole Miss Athletics

The best uniforms not only at Ole Miss, but in all of baseball. Need I say more?

Honorable Mention — Ole Miss Volleyball — Red Long Sleeves

Josh McCoy - Ole Miss Athletics

The sleeve design is exactly what is needed to hold the red look together. It’s not too much, but it’s presence cannot go unnoticed.

Honorable Mention — Ole Miss Football — Away Powder Blue Lids

USA Today Sports

This pants/jersey/helmet combination beat Alabama in 2015 and brings so much swagger to an away team.

What do you think think of this list? Where am I right? Where am I wrong? Let us know!