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Right Field Report: Princeton Tigers


Zac Carlisle - WTVA

Ole Miss begins spring break by hosting Princeton for three games over the weekend. Renewing the oldest rivalry in the Ivy League, the old money Tigers carpetbag their way to Oxford with a winless record of 0-4, while the old south Rebels ride an 11-game win streak into its fourth weekend series of the season.

With most of the student body heading for the beach, it will be quiet at Swayze and your voice will carry. You will be heard, just be smart.


Right Field — David Harding (#4)

Measurables: 5-foot-10, 190 pounds

HOMETOWN: Severna Park, Maryland

PARENTS: David (played golf at Holy Cross) and Barbara (gymnast at Alabama)

SIBLINGS: Brother Matthew and sister Catherine

TWITTER: @d_hard24


  • Longtime Girlfriend: Maddie Staczek
  • Nickname: “Party Dave” ——— Must be sick!!!!!!!!
  • Family is a member of the prestigious St. Andrews Swim & Tennis Club
  • Undefeated thumb wrestler (big ass thumbs) - Patrick Bosley claims he is lying and beat him
  • Dreams about Fortnite
  • Childhood friend Tyler Blohm is significantly better at baseball
  • Huge crush on Malia Obama
  • Redskins fan
  • Orioles fan
  • “Making fun of other states flags to make my self feel better”
  • “It ain’t the butterfly, it’s the Tootsee Roll”
  • “I think I want to be a defense lawyer. I want to go to law school and see how I like it. I like to argue. I think it’s fun to do that.”


  • Wants to be a (Canadian tuxedo) cowboyyy baaaabaaaay
  • Holy Princeton...
  • Cute!!
  • Is that Rip Hamilton?!

Right Field — Connor Nolan (#35)

Measurables: 6-foot-2, 190 pounds

HOMETOWN: Henrico, Virginia

PARENTS: Melissa and Jim

SIBLINGS: Sister Ceara



  • Majoring in American History
  • Market Research Intern at Charles River Associates
  • Intern for Senator Tim Kaine


Center Field — Nadir Lewis (#1)

Measurables: 6-foot-1, 195 pounds

HOMETOWN: Alpharetta, Georgia

PARENTS: Frank and Lauren

SIBLINGS: Sister, Njeri and brother, Omar

TWITTER: @nadirlewis


  • Nickname: Deer
  • Loves Panera Bread
  • Super into Pokemon
  • Left-handed
  • Doesn’t like when people post 4th of July fireworks on social media (probably hates fun)
  • Parents didn’t let him wear shorts to school growing up
  • “If ur on the aux and u don’t play vamos a la playa r we really friends?” (fair tbh)
  • “Nothing more awkward than when u at the family reunion and someone hits u with the ‘what’s my name’ and u don’t know lol” (perhaps ask him your name all weekend)
  • “I really do love the orthodontists”


  • It’s just so Princeton
  • Honey, where’s my supersuit?
  • AF

Left Field — Chris Davis (#8)

Measurables: 5-foot-9, 175 pounds

HOMETOWN: Avon, Connecticut

PARENTS: Rece (yes, that Rece Davis) and Leigh

SIBLINGS: Sister, Elizabeth

TWITTER: @cdavis8hits


  • Student body president and in the jazz band at an all-boys boarding school in Connecticut
  • His business card simply reads “I’ll call you”
  • Loves Jimmy Johns
  • “I look forward to eating massive amounts of red meat and rice”
  • Not a fortnite guy